This article is about the Togruta . You may be looking for the Human of the same name.
Beviin Kabur
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42 BBY

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1.8 Meters

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  • Beviin Kabur
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Mandalorian Guild

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1 Leader

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Bc icon mercenaryTechnician

"I was created, in a lab, by unknown persons for unknown reason. I was given the modified memories of the man who's name a have, yet for all that I bear them no hate. While my species may give me and edge over my human counterpart, I am and remain in essence, Beviin Kabur" - Beviin Kabur

Beviin Kabur Was a clone of an unknown Togruta, given the name and modified memories of the human Mandalorian Mercenary, Beviin Kabur. At first believing himself to be Beviin, he was surprised to find he was in a way a copy, and not the original. He was then taken in by his Human counterpart, and trained as his apprentice/replacement.


Early YearsEdit

Little is known about Beviin early years, except that he was placed in stasis from approx. the age of four. When the memories were extracted from the Human original, the were implanted into the Togruta's brain, and he was taken out of stasis and flash training began.

Clone Wars and The Fall of the RepublicEdit

Beviin did not participate in any of the Mandalorian Protectors' battle against the republic, instead focussing on hunting down remote Death Watch bases. Do to the heightened senses of a Togruta, (some speculate a latent and un-devoloped force sensitivity) He often wielded the light saber of a Jedi fallen during the war. Joining the Mandalorian Protectors after the end of the Clone Wars, he still often worked alone or with other resistance groups, aiding Jedi who had survived the Purge to escape the wrath of the Empire.

Armor and EquipmentEdit

Beviin was originally equipped with a poorly constructed copy of the Human Beviin's armor, this first set of Beskar'gam was rapidly abandoned after he joined the Mandalorian Guild. His second set was closely modeled after that worn by Mandalorian Protectors, with a helmet modified to fit his Lekku. He often opted to wear his armor without the helmet, preferring instead to use a modified mask sometimes with goggles. His weapon of choice was a modified Bowcaster, similar to that used by the bounty hunter Embo.