Booster Skirata
Booster Skirata Portrait 04
Biographical information

Kaminoplanet Kamino


32 BBY, Kamino

Physical description

Human (Clone)




1.83 Meters


79.0 Kilograms

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Chronological and political information
Current Squad

Mandalorian Guild

Squad Rank

2 General

Battle Class

Bc icon mercenaryBc icon trooper

"It doesn't take a hero to order men into battle, it takes a hero to be one of those men who goes into battle." 
- Booster Skirata

CT-1776, nicknamed "Booster," was a clone trooper Sergeant (later a Captain in the Special Operations Brigade) during the Clone Wars, the galaxy-wide conflict between the Galactic Republic and the Confederacy of Independent Systems. Booster was a trooper of Torrent Company, a unit of the famed 501st Legion in the Grand Army of the Republic. Booster served under Clone Captain Rex, and was a freethinking, tough, and aggressive trooper. Though loyal and committed to his duty and to his fellow clones, Booster proved capable of questioning his superiors and, under extreme circumstances, outright disobeying orders if he believed them to be wrong. Booster displayed a strong working relationship and a degree of friendship with many of his brothers. 

In the later days of the war, CT-1776 was promoted to ARC Trooper. Because of CT-1776's off the charts scores during training, he had received additional training under the new special integration trooper regime. This project was due to the high success of the Commando's and was given out to a selected group of normal bred troops. Because of this and his already claimed veteran status, Booster was made Captain, and entered into the Special Operations Brigade to be put into a special forces unit known as: Iona Team.

During Order 66 and under the chaos of Operation Knightfall, Booster and his team managed to slip away in a Republic Charger c70 retrofit (that would later become his personal ship) and desert the Army before the newly formed Empire began. Later on in the months avoiding the Empire, Booster was found by his training Sergeant Kal Skirata and joined his Clan now living permanently in Kyrimorut, along with other clones who had also deserted the Military.

Clone Trooper SergeantEdit

"Every soldier must know before he goes into battle, how the battle he is about to fight fits into the larger picture, and how the success of his fighting will influence the war as a whole."
- Booster Skirata

Booster was one of the many clones of bounty hunter Jango Fett, bred on Kamino by the Galactic Republic to fight in the Republic's clone army. The soldiers were bred to fight against the separatist planetary and sectorial governments seeking to leave the Republic, known as Confederacy of Independent Systems, in the coming war

First battle on Geonosis

Booster during the first battle of Geonosis.

Booster served on the first battle of Geonosis alongside CT-7567, nicknamed “Rex” and was promoted to the rank of Sergeant, he was also in command of a Platoon in Torrent Company, a unit in the famous 501st Legion. Booster’s Platoon was assigned to Jedi General Anakin Skywalker, and would participate in many missions alongside the Jedi Knight. Booster also developed a close friendship with fellow clone trooper 'Rex'.

Battle of ChristophsisEdit

Booster: "Sir! General Kenobi has been captured. There's no one left!"
Rex: "Keep fighting! We can't let those droids reach the cannons!"
- Sergeant Booster and Captain Rex discussing their situation.

After the CIS invaded the planet of Christophsis, High Jedi General Obi-Wan Kenobi, General Skywalker, Commander Cody, Captain Rex and Sergeant Booster arrived on the planet to assist the planet's inhabitants. However, after a failed ambush on the Confederacy, the Jedi suspected that there was a traitor in their midst, and the Jedi left to scout behind enemy lines, while Rex and Cody stayed to find and apprehend the traitor. An impending investigation revealed that Sergeant Slick himself was the traitor, and after he severely damaged their weapons depot, Rex and Cody apprehended the traitor in a brawl, taking him afterward to lock-up.

Booster's platoon, Christophsis

Booster's Platoon being overrun by droids.

When the Confederacy commenced their first attack, the Jedi and the clone forces were able to drive them back. Believing the battle to be over and Christophsis now under Republic control, Booster rested at a makeshift forward aid station where clone Medic Mags was administering first-aid to an injured trooper by the name of Ridge, who had taken a spray of shrapnel to his shoulder. After offering a few words of sympathetic concern, Booster checked the casualty list for the battle on his datapad and found the list to be relatively short to which he happily reported it to Captain Rex. While discussing the dwindling number of medical supplies and the soon expected return of the Cruiser Hunter with Ridge, the droid army returned in full force. Booster rushed out to fight again alongside Ridge and Mags, joining Cody, Rex and Generals Kenobi and Skywalker on the front line. Rex led Booster’s platoon within Torrent Company with Skywalker to destroy the advancing Tri-Droids. After the enemy retreated again due to the Republic's heavy artillery, Skywalker's new Padawan, Ahsoka Tano, arrived in place of the expected reinforcements. Rex was a little perplexed, as Skywalker had stated that he would never have a Padawan. As Rex and Tano spent some time talking together, Rex taught her that fear was natural in war—and that the clones were unique individuals, despite all having the same appearance.

While they talked, Booster discovered that the Confederacy had deployed a Deflector Shield, which would make the Republic's long-ranged artillery useless. After some planning, Rex and Booster’s troops held the line, and as a distraction strategy, Kenobi "negotiated" with Confederacy General Whorm Loathsom for the surrender of the Republic forces. Meanwhile, Skywalker and Tano infiltrated the enemy lines to disable the shield generator. Once the shield was down, Rex and Booster ordered their cannons to quickly finish off the enemy advances. Grand Master Yoda arrived with reinforcement troops just in time, and Rex had Booster send a gunship to retrieve Skywalker and Tano.

Battle of TethEdit

"Second wave incoming! Hold the line!"
 - Sergeant Booster to the rest of his Platoon

Sergeant Booster - Teth

Sergeant Booster and Captain Rex after escaping Droid custody.

After a meeting with Yoda, Skywalker and Tano were given the mission to rescue Hutt crime lord Jabba Desilijic Tiure's son, in order to win the crime lord's favor for access to space lanes through Hutt Space. Rex and Booster accompanied the Jedi to the planet Teth. Tracking the Huttlet to a cliff-high monastery, the Republic forces were forced to commence a vertical assault to enter the monastery. They were successful, but half of Torrent Company was lost on the way up.

Skywalker and Tano rescued the Huttlet while Rex had Booster and his men secured the monastery. The arrival of more Confederacy battle droids forced the Republic troops to barricade themselves inside the monastery. Skywalker and Tano left to find a rear exit to search for medical attention for the ill Huttlet, while Rex and Booster stayed to command the remaining clones. Once the droid army entered, a few of the troopers were killed, however Rex feigned death to spy on the commander of the droid forces, Dark Acolyte Asajj Ventress. Ventress left to confront the Jedi herself, while the battle droids held the six surviving clones captive. 

Rex, Booster and the other remaining troops broke free of their captors, stole their weapons, and using a fallen AT-TE for cover, reignited the battle with the droids. Skywalker and Tano escaped the monastery, and found an old freighter , using it to head back toward the courtyard. However, because of their mandate to safely return the Huttlet to his father, Skywalker and Tano were forced to find medical attention for the Huttlet, and were unable able to give Rex and Booster any assistance, to which they understood. General Kenobi and the 212th Attack Battalion soon arrived to reinforce Rex and Booster’s men, and the Republic forces were able to beat back the Confederacy. By that time, though, only four other men from Torrent Company were still alive. Later, Rex and Booster mused to Cody that the whole operation had been handled poorly, with the lack of air support and incorrect infantry application.

Battle of BothawuiEdit

"They've got no where to run."
 - Booster and the AT-TE's outflanking the Separatist ships
Battle of Bothawui

Booster and the AT-TE's outflank the Separatist fleet.

Booster was later stationed with General Skywalker and Commander Tano to protect the planet Bothawui. Afterthe Republic's defeat on the planet Falleen, General Grievous and his Confederacy fleet headed to attack Skywalker and his fleet of three Venator-class cruisers, including his flagship, the Resolute. General Kenobi contacted Skywalker, advising him to retreat; however, Skywalker intended to stay and fight.

Skywalker dispatched Rex and Booster to command a brigade of AT-TE walkers from several asteroids, aiming to outflank Grievous' fleet once the general arrived. Grievous' fleet of several Munificent-class frigates easily fell into Skywalker's trap, and the cyborg general fled aboard his fighter as his fleet was ripped apart from both in front and behind. Skywalker pursued Grievous in his own fighter, along with his astromech droid, R2-D2. Skywalker's ship was severely damaged by flying debris, with Rex and the help of Booster’s platoon managed to save him. However, when Skywalker awoke in the medbay of the Resolute, he discovered that Artoo had gone missing.

Skywalker and Tano left aboard the Twilight to search for Artoo aboard a nearby scavenging ship, but were unaware that the ship's captain, Trandoshan scavenger Gha Nachkt, had already pilfered the droid and promised him to Grievous. After they returned, Skywalker left with replacement droid R3-S6 in his fighter to scout ahead for a Confederacy listening post. However, the droid "accidentally" activated the fighter's tracking beacon, and Tano and Rex hurriedly gathered a squad of troopers and departed aboard the Twilight to assist Skywalker. Arriving out of hyperspace, they arrived in time to save Skywalker from two Munificent frigates under Grievous' command, and escaped out of the system.

Mission to Skytop StationEdit

 "Acknowledged, General. I'm on my way."
 - Booster Skirata to General Skywalker

When Anakin Skywalker's astromech droid, R2-D2, went missing during the Battle of Bothawui. Skywalker, along with his Padawan Ahsoka Tano, the Jedi Knight's replacement astromech droid R3-S6, and Captain CT-7567 eventually tracked R2-D2 to Skytop Station, a Confederate listening post orbiting the moon Ruusan 2. Sergeant Booster was one of the clones who accompanied Skywalker on the mission to rescue the astromech droid. Using Skywalker's freighter, the Twilight, the team approached the listening post, and while the rest of the group skydived to the station, Booster remained on the Twilight to evacuate the rescue team when the mission had been completed.

Booster - Mission to Skytop Station

Sergeant Booster piloting the Twilight.

Later, when Skywalker had successfully rescued R2-D2, he contacted Booster and ordered him to pilot the Twilight into the south landing bay for an evacuation. Upon landing in the docking bay, Booster met with Skywalker, CT-7567 and clone trooper Denal. As the group attempted to leave the docking bay to search for Tano, who had engaged Confederate General Grievous in a lightsaber duel, R3-S6, who was revealed to be a Confederate spy droid, sealed all exits and activated several Vulture droids hanging from the ceiling. When the droids opened fire on Skywalker and the clones, Booster and the rest of the team were forced to take cover. During the firefight, Skywalker ordered CT-7567 to activate the explosives that the clones had planted in the reactor room of the station. As Tano rejoined the group and R2-D2 managed to open the hangar door outside the listening post, the group prepared to leave the station. Booster then piloted the Twilight from Skytop Station before it was destroyed.

Battle of Orto PlutoniaEdit

 - Sergeant Booster referring to the Talz

Sergeant Booster, Orto Plutonia

Sergeant Booster on Orto Plutonia.

Booster went with Rex, Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi to Orto Plutonia to investigate the destruction of a clone security base. After war was declared between the local Talz and the Pantoran dignitaries, specifically the arrogant Chairman Chi Cho, Rex and Booster’s platoon was ordered to protect Chairman Cho at all costs. The Chairman then ordered Booster’s men to attack the Talz when they approached them, but Rex stated that they were only there to protect him. However, Rex and Booster’s platoon was forced to attack when the Talz attacked them, riding Narglatch, and the Chairman was severely injured. Rex carried him to safety, while Booster and his Platoon were holding off the attacking Talz until the arrival of the Jedi and Senator Riyo Chuchi. Chairman Cho died from the injury, and Senator Chuchi established a peace treaty with the Talz.

Battle on NabooEdit

 "The safe room doors are closing! Hurry! Go, Go, Go!"
 - Sergeant Booster

Sergeant Booster, Naboo Raid

Sergeant Booster (on the right), Rex and the rest of his Platoon help the Senator escape.

When Senator Padmé  Amidala and Representative Jar Jar Binks were captured while searching for a Secret Separatist Lab on Naboo, it was up to Rex and Booster’s Platoon to reinforce the Jedi in order to rescue them. They succeeded, and also stopped Dr. Nuvo Vindi from releasing the deadly Blue Shadow Virus. Unfortunately, Vindi’s assistant droid took one of the virus containers and put it into a bomb. The droid then detonated the bomb, which quickly spread the virus throughout the bunker. Anakin and Obi-wan were outside with the scientist when the virus was released, so to save their companions, they went in search of an antidote Iego. The virus almost killed everyone inside, including Booster, Rex, Ahsoka, Padmé, and several other clone troopers from the Sergeant’s Platoon, but fortunately the Jedi found the antidote in time, and all infected were cured.

Battle on RylothEdit

"Something's not right here... it's too quiet."
 - Sergeant Boosster to Captain Rex
Invasion Force - Ryloth

Invasion Force entering Ryloth

Shortly after the planet was liberated by the Grand Army of the Republic, Rex, Torrent Company, and their Jedi commanders were charged with ridding the planet of the remaining droid presence. Rex, along with sergeant Booster went on an AT-RT night patrol around the city of Resdin. The two clones eliminated a large number of battle droids, but were ambushed and taken captive by bounty hunter Cad Bane. Bane needed the clones alive to protect the gravity weapon he had recently stolen from the CIS, from the battle droids ordered to retrieve it. While they were unconscious, Bane had fitted the clones with binders wired with explosives and promised to let them go free if they cooperated with him, but threatened to kill them if they refused or tried to double-cross him. Under the circumstances, Rex and Booster had no choice but to agree to the bounty hunter's demands. Together, they defeated several waves of attacking droids and a Separatist Vulture fighter, until Anakin Skywalker and Ahsoka Tano—having tracked Rex's signal—arrived to help.

Bane attempted to hold the Jedi at bay, again threatening to detonate the explosives in the binders around the clones' wrists, but Skywalker masterfully cut the binders off with his lightsaber, removing Bane's only bargaining chip. Effectively captured, the Jedi ordered Rex and Booster to disarm him. With the tables now turned, Bane was forced to cooperate, and with the hangar they had been fighting in about to collapse at any second, the Jedi and clone troopers decided to use his transport. Bane was forced to carry the weapon to the ship while the Jedi guarded him and Rex and Booster went ahead to scout out an elevated position from which to provide covering fire and clear the way for them. As the two clones left the hangar, they traveled alongside a path that overlooked Ryloth's wastes. After destroying another Tri-droid roaming the wastes, the clones were assaulted by waves of battle droids coming down from a nearby hill. Leaving the hill, Rex and Booster encountered a pair of Tri-droids emerging from within a tunnel. Using rocket launchers, the clones destroyed the massive droids and continued on. At the ship, the Jedi were ambushed by the Skakoan Kul Teska, the creator of the gravity weapon, and a fight ensued in which the Jedi were eventually trapped within an energy bubble until Rex and Booster arrived for help. Faced with an ultimatum—save their Jedi commanders or kill Teska—the clones decided to chose to rescue the Jedi, allowing Teska to escape in Bane's transport, taking the gravity weapon, and Bane himself, with him.

Evacuating FeluciaEdit

 "The Gunships are here! Move it, move it!"
 - Sergeant Booster telling him Platoon to get on the Gunships
Sergeant Booster Felucia Evac

Sergeant Booster and his Platoon prepare for evacuation.

At some point after the Battle of Ryloth, the Galactic Republic launched an assault on planet Felucia but wasultimately defeated by General Grievous's forces. When the outnumbered Republic forces in Felucia asked for help, an evacuation fleet under the command of Jedi High General Plo Koon went to the system, and Rex and Booster, along with his Platoon  evacuated their clone troopers from certain defeat. Before escaping to Coruscant, the Republic had to evacuate Commander Ahsoka Tano's forces. After that, Booster and the rest of Torrent Company was moved to Coruscant for a while.

Second Battle of GeonosisEdit

"I hope this invasion was better planned than the first."
 - Sergeant Booster referring to the heavy losses of his Unit during the First battle of Geonosis

Booster was present during General Skywalker's force in a three-pronged attack on a Separatist shield generator on Geonosis. When all the gunships were shot down Booster,along with Rex, Anakin, and Ahsoka destroyed a heavily armed fortification and met with Generals Obi-Wan Kenobi and Ki-Adi-Mundi and Clone Commanders Cody and Jet.

Sergeant Booster, 2nd Battle of Geonosis

Sergeant Booster holding off the droids near the factory.

They then destroyed the shield generator. They then needed to destroy the droid factory the shield generator was protecting. Ki-Adi-Mundi and Obi-Wan left to recover, but Luminara Unduli and her Padawan, Barriss Offee, joined the attack. The Padawans went into the factory via an underground network common in Geonosian architecture to blow the reactor. Meanwhile, Booster, Rex, Gree, Luminara, and Anakin distracted Poggle the Lesser's droid forces. A new tank design was unleashed by Poggle, but both Booster and the Padawans succeeded. After, Skywalker, Unduli and Kenobi captured Poggle, Booster went with the generals to escort Poggle to Coruscant.

Defense of the CoronetEdit

"Boarding craft have breached our hull! Prepare to repel the enemy!"
- Sergeant Booster aboard the Coronet

After Kenobi's investigation on Mandalore, Rex, Booster, Cody and their troopers were assigned with Kenobi and Skywalker to defend Duchess Satine aboard the Coronet against the Death Watch. Kenobi and Skywalker briefed Rex, Cody, Booster and his platoon of the importance of the safety of the Duchess. Rex and Cody, along with Booster and his platoon then went on patrol in the ship's cargo hold. 

Sergeant Booster - Coronet

Sergeant Booster giving orders aboard the Coronet.

When Booster lost contact with 2 of his troopers, Skywalker came down to help find them. Rex, Anakin and Booster then found a open container. They then went to search for the contents. When Anakin was attacked by Assassin probe, Rex, Cody and Booster’s men destroyed it. Unfortunately one of the probes made it to the lift. After that the fallen probe released smaller probes. Rex, Cody and Anakin stayed close to each other till they destroyed the smaller probes. Rex, Cody, Booster and Anakin then went to find the droid in charge of the cargo manifest, to see who brought the assassin probes on board. After Anakin informed Kenobi that one of the senators was a traitor, Rex, Booster, Cody and Anakin then looked for the last assassin probe. When Rex and Cody found one of the troopers helmets, one of the smaller probes leaped at them. Fortunately Anakin and R2-D2 save both Rex and Cody before it killed them. When they found the last assassin probe, it tried to kill Rex with it's claws, but Rex was able to use his hands to hold it back. When Anakin cut it's legs, Rex jumped on it and shot it. After that the traitor Senator Merrik contacted Death Watch's commander, who sent three Separatist boarding crafts to help him. After they attached to the Coronet, they unloaded super battle droids. While obi-wan was trying to save Satine, Rex, Booster, Cody, and their troopers along side Satine's bodyguards fought against the super battle droids. They were able to defeat them and Kenobi, thanks to Anakin killing Merrik, saved Satine and the ship from certain destruction.

Battle of MalastareEdit

"That was a close one."
- Sergeant Booster referring to their narrow escape of the sinkhole

Booster served on Malastare to battle a massive invasion force sent by the Confederacy of Independent Systems. The Republic tested a prototype electromagnetic pulse weapon, the electro-proton bomb, which was designed to

Rex & Booster, Malastare

Sergeant Booster, Rex and the rest of the Company hold off the droids until the bomb drops.

disable all battle droid forces while leaving the Republic troops or native Dug warriors unharmed. Booster, Rex and his troops were charged with holding the line of defense long enough for a flight of bombers to deliver the weapon and disable the droid army.

The bomb was successful in disabling or destroying all of the enemy force. Despite its efficacy, the power of the bomb's explosion created a seismic reaction which opened a sink hole at the point of impact. The sinkhole claimed much of the remaining Republic units. The explosion also awakened a hibernating Zillo Beast, a species long thought to be extinct. Doge Nakha Urus, the leader of the Dug people, insisted that the Republic help them destroy the creature or he would not sign a treaty which would provide critical fuel needed to power the Republic's war machine. The Jedi were opposed to killing a unique creature and instead found a way to force it into unconsciousness for transport to a safe location off-planet. With the successful elimination of the Zillo Beast threat, Booster was present as Urus signed the Treaty of Malastare.

Escape of the Zillo BeastEdit

"On your left! Watch the tail!"
- Sergeant Booster talking with the LAAT Pilots
Sergeant Booster - Zillo Beast

Sergeant Booster (Right), Overlooking the Zillo Beast

After the Jedi brought the Zillo Beast to Coruscant, it escaped and rampaged across the city. Booster was amongthe clone troopers trying to impede the Beast. When Anakin Skywalker, Padmé Amidala, and Chancellor Palpatine were captured by the beast, Booster pointed out Anakin's plan to slice their ship in half to escape. When Obi-Wan reminded Mace Windu to catch them when they fell, Rex remarked that a lot of Anakin's plans involved falling. Booster and Rex were watching when LAAT gunships launched Malastarian oil-filled gas bombs at the Zillo Beast and incapacitated it.

Responding to the Distress SignalEdit

"Whats wrong with the communications?"
- Sergeant Booster Talking to a Communications Officer

Heavy Armed Cruiser

Heavily armed attack cruiser awaits the Jedi.

Later in the war, Booster with the 501st was dispatched to meet Anakin Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi and Ahsoka Tano to investigate a 2,000 year old Jedi distress signal. Believing it to be a Separatist trap, Booster was sent aboard a heavily armed destroyer where he contacted the trio from the vessel to report an anomaly on the ship's scanners. Rex and Booster subsequently lost connection with them and was not able to regain contact. It was later divulged that the distress signal had been from the mysterious Father to lure Anakin to his planet of Mortis so as to ascertain if he was the chosen one, and had disrupted the Republic Cruiser’s communications. A moment later in Booster’s time, the signal to the Jedi was regained. Rex and Booster were confused when Skywalker told him that they had been gone for more than a moment, but remarked that they would not believe it if he told him.

Return to FeluciaEdit

"Hold your fire. Wait for the signal."
- Sergeant Booster waiting to ambush the droids
Sergeant Booster, Felucia

Sergeant Booster (Bottom right) attacks with General Skywalker & Commander Tano.

Booster, along Rex, Skywalker, Ahsoka, Gen. Plo Koon, and Commander Wolffe then returned to Felucia to neutralize an enemy outpost that had been reinforced by Grievous. While Ahsoka and Plo Koon's teams infiltratedeither side of the outpost, Booster, Rex, Skywalker, Felucian scouts, and the rest of the clones held position so that Turbo Tanks and AT-TEs were able to open fire on the droids camped at the base. Rex, Skywalker and Booster’s men then ambushed the droids, assisting in Master Koon's mop-up operation. After this, Booster and Rex helped Skywalker in his search around the base for Ahsoka, who had gone missing during the fight. When nothing was found the expedition was then ended.

Battle of UmbaraEdit

"Let's show those locals how it's done boys."
- Sergeant Booster before the Battle of Umbara
Booster, Umbara Briefing

Sergeant Booster during the briefing for the invasion of Umbara.

Booster, along with Captain Rex, General Skywalker and the 501st were sent to Umbara to take the Capital. Rex and Booster's troops would take out enemy reinforcements striking against Generals Obi-Wan Kenobi, Pong Krell and Saesee Tiin joint attack. After Rex, Booster and the rest of the 501st landed, they and the AT-RTs made their way to the rally point on a ridge. Rex and Booster rested their forces. The Umbarans then launched a surprise attack from their rear with Millicreep Assassin droids. After Skywalker called for a bombing ridge, Rex then had Booster and the 501st fallback away from the ridge as Commander Oddball bombed the Umbarans.

After that, Krell arrived and told Skywalker the Supreme Chancellor requests that Skywalker return to Coruscant and to turn command of the 501st over to Krell in the interim. Krell then told Rex to prepare the battalion for the march on the Capital. Along the way, they were attacked by a couple of Banshees. After Krell killed both of thebanshees, Booster told Rex about the men’s tiredness, to which Rex then asked Krell if his men could take a break to which Krell refused to so, knowing that time is not luxury the Republic can not afford. When Rex, Booster, Krell, and the 501st reached the outskirts of the Capital, Krell orders the troops to launch a full frontal assault instead of using preemptive surprise attacks despite Rex's disagreement with Krell's plan. Nonetheless, Rex complied with the order and then led his troopers and AT-RTs onto the main road to assault the capital.

Booster disembarks onto Umbara

Sergeant Booster disembarks onto Umbara.

As Booster and the 501st marched along the road, they then ran into a field of mines, killing a couple of troopers. After making their way through the mines, Rex, Booster and the 501st then got caught in an ambush led by the Umbaran Militia. Booster and the 501st held their ground but were too exposed to hold out for long. Rex then ordered the 501st to retreat in order to gain a better fighting position. Rex and Booster were then able to rejoin their troops with Krell’s and the rest of the 501st. Together they were able to repel the Umbarans. After that, Krell criticized Rex for giving up the road. Rex and Fives were able to convince the general that they did what was best for their men. After Krell gives Rex a dubious compliment, he, Fives, Booster and the rest of the 501st continue to hold against a Umbaran counterattack.

Booster, Krell and the 501st continued holding their ground against the Umbaran ground and air forces, but could not break through to support Gen. Kenobi's battalion. After Krell was told by Kenobi that a Umbaran airbase was resupplying the capital, Booster, Rex, Krell and the battalion were tasked to take the airbase.

Continuing AssaultEdit

"In order to lead an army, you must have the respect of your troops. And he is loosing ours."
- Sergeant Booster about Krell's leadership
Booster destroys an Umbaran Tank

Sergeant Booster destroys an Umbaran Tank

When Booster, Rex, Krell and the 501st got within distance of the airbase, Rex suggested that they try and scout for another way in. Krell, knowing the urgency of Kenobi's situation, ordered Rex to take the 501st through a gorge single file. Rex's men then started to criticize Krell's orders and tactics knowing that their casualties would be high, but Rex was able to convince them to go through with it. As Rex and Booster started the attack, he divided his men into three groups with Fives, Hardcase, and Rex in charge of each one of these groups. As Booster and the501st make their way through the gorge, they were attacked by huge caterpillar tanks. Fortunately, their rocket launchers and Thermal detonators were able to subdue the caterpillar tanks. Rex, Booster and the 501st then resumed their advance towards the airbase. Booster then spotted a couple of Spider cannons coming towards him and the 501st, and they are forced to retreat. Rex is then ordered by Krell to push the attack. Rex's men tried using rocket launchers on the spider cannons, but to no avail.

Rex orders Fives and Hardcase to acquire a couple of Umbaran starfighters and use them against the tanks. However, Krell ordered Rex to launch a full-scale attack, regardless of this plan. Rex, Booster and his troopers continued to hold their ground against the tanks. Just as Booster tried to use a rocket launcher on one of the Spider cannon, Fives and Hardcase then arrived in a couple of starfighters, which were able to destroy the tanks and Krell was then able to send in the rest of the battalion to successfully take the airbase. Krell then told Rex that luck smiled on him today, despite a lot of men dying to take it. To which both Booster and Rex frowned upon.

Booster and his Platoon

Sergeant Booster and his Platoon

Booster, Rex, Krell and the 501st continued holding the airbase against the Umbarans who were trying to retake it. Rex was with Krell when General Kenobi contacted Krell to inform him that the capital was still receiving supplies, this time from a Separatist supply ship in the atmosphere.  Booster suggested that they should try and destroy the supply ship. After Kenobi's transmission was lost, Rex was ordered to have the battalion ready to move on the capital in 12 hours. Though Rex wanted to try and coordinate their attack with Kenobi's battalion, Krell knew that Kenobi was busy and said no, but Rex protested, informing Krell that they would be walking into a blast zone. Krell then ordered Rex and Booster to ready his troops, commenting that although Rex had disagreed about his strategies, he is loyal enough to obey his orders.

Whats Right and Whats WrongEdit

 "This is just wrong. You know it. I know it. But what are we going to do about it?"
- Sergeant Booster when hearing about the execution of Fives and Jesse

After the event in which Fives, Jesse, and Hardcase disobeyed Krell's orders, Rex tries to talk Krell out of court-martialing Fives and Jesse and tells him there is no need and that the troops are with Krell. The men just feel that Krell is putting their lives in danger needlessly. Krell only replies that the the court-martial is needed to show the clones who is in charge. After a short lived talk, Krell decides that the execution of Fives and Jesse will be more effective than court-martialing them.

Fives's and Jesse's execution

Execution order of Krell

He orders Rex to prepare a squad for execution. Shocked, Rex tries again to reason with the general, only to be yelled at. Doing as he is told, Booster and Rex retrieves Fives and Jesse from their prison cells. Rex tells them that he tried to reason with Krell with no success. Rex, along with Booster and other troopers set them up along the wall of the airbase. As the execution team prepares to fire, Fives stops them and says that what they are about to do is wrong and that they should not listen to Krell's order for execution. The troops begin to wonder if Fives is right. But not caring at all, Dogma orders them to fire. The troopers fire but avoid hitting Fives and Jesse. Dogma begins to question why the troopers didn't kill Fives and Jesse, only for Rex to step in and tell him that their actions in destroying the supply ship was heroic and that if all clone troopers in the 501st legion were rewarded with execution for heroic actions, then one day they would be all dead. Rex then has Booster release Fives and Jesse.

Krell is furious to hear that the clones didn't kill Fives and Jesse and yells at Rex for it. An incoming message then comes through and a clone trooper reports that the Umbarans have stepped up their defenses and have recently attacked a platoon and stolen their armor and weapons and have also disguised themselves as clone troopers. Krell puts the execution on hold and orders Rex and Booster to prepare to march on the capital and reminds him to tell his men that the enemy has now disguised themselves as clone troopers.

Deception, Betrayal and RevengeEdit

"Nobody messes with a Clone, let alone the 501st."
- Sergeant Booster referring to Krell's betrayal

Both sides find out they had been setup.

Rex then leads Booster and the battalion to attack the disguised Umbarans. When Rex, Booster and the rest of his men then come under fire from the disguised Umbarans, the troops then set up their mortars and opened fire on the enemy. The firefight between both sides continued till Rex discovered that they were actually clones. Rex then orders Booster and his men to stop firing, telling them to take off their helmets to see that they were all clones. Both sides revealed themselves to be clones. Kix then found the 212th battalion platoon leader, Waxer who was mortally wounded in the firefight. Rex then asks Waxer who gave the order to attack them. Waxer tells Rex that Krell told his platoon that the Umbarans had stolen clone armor. Rex then rounded up Booster and his men and the remnants of Waxer's platoon. Rex tells them that they are going to arrest Krell for treason against the Republic. Rex then tells them that if anyone did not wish to do this, to step out of the line. All men stepped forward to arrest Krell.

Rex, Booster, their battalion and Waxer's platoon prepare themselves to arrest Krell. Rex then frees Fives and Jesse, giving them back their armor and weapons. Rex, Booster and his men then go to the control tower to

Booster and the Battalion try and arrest Krell

Booster and the rest of the Battalion try and arrest Krell

confront Krell. Rex then states that General Krell is relieved of his command. Krell's tells them that his men are committing mutiny. Krell then admits he did tell his men to kill each other. Just as the clones close in on Krell, Krell subdues them, killing some them with his double bladed lightsabers and then escapes in to the jungle. Rex then orders Booster and his platoons to go into the jungle and find him. Dogma, remaining loyal to Krell, tries to stop his brothers, calling them traitors. After Rex convinces him to stand down, Dogma is then taken to the brig. When Rex, Booster and the rest of his troops go into the jungle, Krell subdues one of the squads. Krell, using the Force, taunts Rex and his men, saying that he has been using them all along, laughing at them. Tup then has Rex and Booster lure Krell over to him. When Tup manages to lure Krell's attention from the rest of the clones, the general then runs into a Vixus. Though Krell is able to free himself from the Vixuses grasp, he is then stunned by Tup, then Booster places a pair of binders on his hands and is then taken into custody.

When Rex questions Krell about his actions, he admits that he has turned traitor and tells Rex that he foresees that the Jedi will lose the war, that a New Order will arise, and that in exchange for betraying the Republic, he will become Count Dooku's new apprentice. Booster then discovers that Krell had sabotaged the airbase's communications and that Gen. Kenobi's battalion had long since taken the capital, to which he reports to Captain Rex. Unfortunately the Umbaran forces are on their way to retake the base. Rex then orders Booster and the whole battalion on full alert. When Fives warns Rex that if Krell is freed, he would undermine the Republic's foothold. So Rex decides to execute the fallen general. Rex and Fives then go down to the brig and let Dogma out. Rex then tells Krell to face the wall and get down on his knees. Krell taunts Rex that's he afraid to pull the trigger. Just when Krell finishes his last taunt, Dogma takes one of Fives's pistols and shoots Krell for betraying every one of his men. Booster then gets word that Kenobi's battalion have all sectors secured and that the enemy has been defeated, securing Republic victory on Umbara.

Battle of KirosEdit

"And here I thought Ryloth was spooky."
- Sergeant Booster referring to the missing colonists and comparing them to the missing Twi'lek
Booster, Kiros

Sergeant Booster and his Platoon on BARC Speeders, going through Kiros

After the Separatists occupied the Togruta colony world of Kiros, Booster and Rex, along with Generals Skywalker, Kenobi, Commander Ahsoka and Cody went to Kiros to liberate the planet. Rex rode in a BARC speeder sidecar with Gen. Kenobi along side Skywalker, Ahsoka, while Booster and the rest of BARC speeder squad rode individually. Booster, like Rex, noticed that the colonists were missing. Rex found this worrisome since the Separatists were not hesitant to use civilians as living shields. After they took out the commando droids on Flitknot speeders, Rex then finished off one AATs with his rocket launcher. Rex, Cody, Booster and the rest of forces then surround the Separatist headquarters in the governor's tower. Though the Zygerrian Separatist commander, Darts D'Nar, tried to set off numerous bombs in the city, Skywalker and Ahsoka were able to disable the bombs. Though they were able to capture D'nar and his ship, the entire planet's Togruta population had been taken into slavery by the Zygerrians.

Transfer into the Special Operations BrigadeEdit

"Carry the battle to them. Don't let them bring it to you. Put them on the defensive and don't ever apologize for anything."
- Special Operations Brigade Motto

10th Special Ops Division Insignia

10th Special Operations Division Insignia.

In the later days of the war, CT-1776 was promoted to ARC Trooper. Because of CT-1776's off the chart's scores during training, he had received additional training under the new special integration trooper regime. This project was due to the high success of the Commando's and was given out to a selected group of normal bred troops. Because of this and his already claimed veteran status, Booster was made Captain, and entered into the Special Operations Brigade to be put into a special forces unit known as the: 10th Special Operations Division within the Special Operations Brigade. Inside the 10th, Captain Booster commands an elite task force called "ARC Team 3", Call sign: "Iona Team". Captain Booster joins the ranks of Iona Team, within the 10th Special Ops Division, as one of the most skilled soldiers in the galaxy.

ARC Team 3

"There's a storm inside of us. A drive. To push yourself further than anyone thinks possible. You are never out of the fight."
- Iona Team Motto
ARC Team 3 Insignia

Commando Team 3 "Iona Team" Insignia.

ARC Team 3, call sign: "Iona Team" is an elite ARC trooper team under the command of Captain Booster, within the 10th Special Operations Division, inside the Special Operations Brigade

Often working in a team of four ARCs, they were assigned to carry out covert operations too delicate for regular clone troopers. However, when missions were compromised or the team is in need of assistance, extraction, and so on, the 10th would be on stand-by with a Quick Reaction Force.

Many of the missions often given to the Iona's were; covert infiltration, sabotage, demolition, special recon, unconventional warfare, black ops, special activities, counterintelligence, intelligence, combating terrorism, espionage, assassination and direct actions.

With all of ARC Team 3 members already veterans of the Clone Wars, they had developed a greater capacity for independent thinking and would be better suited to handling delicate missions with complicated objectives. When necessary, they would also be capable of devising their own plan for completing missions.

Operation: Grey GhostsEdit

- Iona Team radioing for assistance

Deep behind enemy lines of Trandosha, a very committed four-man ARC Trooper team was conducting a reconnaissance mission in the mountains at the unforgiving altitude of approximately 10,000 feet. The ARCs, Commander Maxis, Gunner’s Mate 2nd Class Danny, Sonar Technician 2nd Class Mazes and Captain Booster had a vital task. The four ARCs were scouting Tarriek – the Separatist Trandoshan in command of the Elite Trandoshan Militia

Under the assumed name Ismail, Tarriek led his guerrilla group known to locals as the "Mountain Dragons" that had aligned with the Separatists and other militant groups. The ARC mission was compromised when the team was spotted by local nationals, who presumably reported its presence and location to the Separatists.

File:Trandoshan Militia.jpg
A fierce firefight erupted between the four ARCs and a much larger enemy force of more than 200 Separatist Trandoshan Elite Militia. The enemy had the ARCs outnumbered. They also had terrain advantage. They launched a well-organized, three-sided attack on the ARCs. The firefight continued relentlessly as the overwhelming militia forced the team deeper into a ravine.

Trying to reach safety, the four men, now each wounded, began bounding down the mountain's steep sides, making leaps of 20 to 30 feet. Approximately 45 minutes into the fight, pinned down by overwhelming forces, Danny, the communications officer, sought open air to place a distress call back to the base. But before he could, he was shot in the hand, the blast shattering his thumb.

Despite the intensity of the firefight and suffering grave blaster wounds himself, Maxis is credited with risking his own life to save the lives of his teammates. Maxis, intent on making contact with headquarters, but realizing this would be impossible in the extreme terrain where they were fighting, unhesitatingly and with complete disregard for his own life moved into the open, where he could gain a better position to transmit a call to get help for his men.

Moving away from the protective mountain rocks, he knowingly exposed himself to increased enemy gunfire. This deliberate and heroic act deprived him of cover and made him a target for the enemy. While continuing to be fired upon, Maxis made contact with the 10th’s Special Operations Division’s Quick Reaction Force at a nearby Republic Assault Ship in the system and requested assistance. He calmly provided his unit’s location and the size of the enemy force while requesting immediate support for the team. At one point he was shot in the back causing him to drop the transmitter. Maxis picked it back up, completed the call and continued firing at the enemy who was closing in. Severely wounded, Commander Maxis returned to his cover position with the ARCs and continued the battle.

An Nu-class Attack Shuttle, with eight ARCs and eight Commando trained Troopers a board, was sent as part of an extraction mission to pull out the four embattled ARCs. The Nu-class shuttle was escorted by a heavily-armored, LAAT Attack Gunships. Entering a hot combat zone, attack Gunships are used initially to neutralize the enemy and make it safer for the lightly-armored, personnel-transport Nu-class shuttle to insert.

The heavy weight of the LAAT Attack Gunships’s slowed the formation’s advance prompting the Nu-class shuttle to outrun their armored escort. They knew the tremendous risk going into an active enemy area in daylight, without their attack support, and without the cover of night. Risk would, of course, be minimized if they put the Nu-class shuttle down in a safe zone. But knowing that their warrior brothers were shot, surrounded and severely wounded, the rescue team opted to directly enter the oncoming battle in hopes of landing on brutally hazardous terrain.

File:Shuttle Crash - Grey Ghosts.png
As the Nu-class shuttle raced to the battle, a missile guided rocket fired from the militia struck the Nu-class shuttle, killing all 16 men aboard.

On the ground and nearly out of ammunition, the four ARCs, Maxis, Booster, Danny and Mazes, continued the fight. By the end of the two-hour blaster-fight that careened through the hills and over cliffs, Maxis, Mazes and Danny had been killed. An estimated 53 Separatist Trandoshan Militia were also dead.

The fourth ARC trooper, Booster, was blasted over a ridge by a rocket propelled grenade and was knocked unconscious. Regaining consciousness some time later, Booster managed to escape – badly injured – and slowly crawled away down the side of a cliff. Dehydrated, with a blaster wound to one leg, shrapnel embedded in both legs, three vertebrae cracked; the situation for Booster was grim. Rescue Nu-class shuttle’s were sent in, but he was too weak and injured to make contact. Traveling seven miles on foot he evaded the enemy for nearly a day. Gratefully, a mystery blonde haired female human came to his aid, carrying him to a nearby village where she kept him for three days. The Separatists came to the village several times searching and demanding that Booster be turned over to them. The mystery female refused. One of the friendly villagers made his way to a Republic outpost with a note from Booster, Republic forces soon launched a massive operation that rescued him from enemy territory and forcing the militia to retreat. Starting a long and grueling six month campaign against the Elite Trandoshan Militia, known as the 'Mountain Dragons'. Back at base, all 19 Republic Special Forces personnel who perished during the operation received the Medallion of Honor for ‘exemplary service and sacrifice in the line of duty’, while Booster was awarded the Medal of Valor for ‘displaying exemplary action, bravery and skill in the line of duty against overwhelming odds’.

Operation: AvengerEdit

"It's time for payback, for our fallen brothers."
- Captain Booster

A four-man Commando Team call-signed "Beta", led by Captain Jigsaw, deployed into the underworld of Coruscant to disrupt weapons trafficking in the region. Upon ambushing a convoy and taking inspection of the vehicles, a dirty bomb is remotely detonated, killing the team. Investigating the cause and tracking down the source of the bomb is tasked to an ARC trooper team call-signed "Iona Team", consisting of Captain Booster, Lieutenant Ryse, Lieutenant Clutch, and Lieutenant Steel. The team ships out from Kamino, Special Operations Barracks under the supervision of Commander Mitchell.

File:Paez Arms Dealer.png
Mitchell informs the team of their new mission to rescue an arms dealer named Paze in Sucre, Endor, who has information about where the bomb came from. The team rescues Paze and then proceeds to follow the trail of weapons: First, to a refugee camp in Western Province, Ryloth, where they eliminate local warlord Deed Macaba; to Trandosha, where they rescue Special Ops Agent Daniel Pike from a private military company; to Abafar, where they capture the arms dealer Katya Pruge; to the Northern Peninsula in Mygeeto, where the team destroys an arms cache at a remote arctic base; and finally to an airfield in Utapau, where they intercept and destroy a missile guidance system, causing an inter-galactic incident.

Some time later, a long range missile fired from a stealth ship impacts Naboo, but the warhead is eliminated at the last minute by the Republic missile shield. The launch is traced to Ryloth and is believed to be the work of a rogue Twi’lek special operations group known as Haven's Rock, of which Pruge was an associate, with ties to ultranationalist political elements in Ryloth. The team is ordered into Ryloth to rescue a Republic Commando Special Forces squad who went to investigate the launch site. During the rescue operation, the team is ambushed by Ryloth Spec Ops that have access to high-tech equipment on the same level as the ARCs, and it is later revealed that these soldiers are part of Ryloth's elite "Shadows" unit, which have sided with Haven’s Rock.

File:Ryloth Spec Ops.png

A coup has been staged and Haven's Rock is now in charge of the majority of Ryloth with a few loyalist Ryloth forces opposing the new government scattered around the country. The team then head to northern Ryloth to secure some drilling ships so that the loyalist Ryloth forces can have a steady flow of oil. After accomplishing this, the team is assigned to rescue a loyalist general who is seen as the leader of the resistance. After destroying the artillery that was attacking the General's forces, the team is pinned down by overwhelming Ryloth forces, until air support arrives and eliminate all opposition. Booster is then tasked with a solo operation to rescue the deposed Ryloth Leader from a prison on Ryloth’s moon. Booster is successful, and then the team protects the Leader in his return to Ryloth’s capital, and eliminates the Haven's Rock General who was coordinating the city's defense. The Haven's Rock forces are overthrown and the crisis ends.

While everyone else is celebrating, Commander Mitchell gives the team intelligence on the location of the seven other leaders of Haven's Rock, which orchestrated the whole crisis. The team is sent in on a clandestine operation to eliminate the seven. After eliminating six of the seven, the team chases the last member, code-named "Ace", to a train station, where they wound him. The wounded Ace taunts the team that they will not kill him because the Republic government will stop them. Just before they are about to execute him, Commander Mitchell calls them off, stating that Ace is to be taken alive and brought back to Coruscant, that the orders came "from the top", and that they are "not to touch" Ace. At that point a train comes, and Ace, who is wounded on the tracks, calls for the team to save him, reminding them that their orders were to keep him alive. Booster corrects him, saying that that their orders were not to touch him, as the team leaves Ace to be run over by the train and make his death look like an accident.

Operation: Purple HeartEdit

"This is bigger than we thought. They're going to strike us right in the heart of the Republic... on Coruscant."
- Captain Booster

On Coruscant, a terrorist kills the Republic ambassador, his son, and dozens of children, using a vehicle-borne IED at an elementary school. The mastermind, a Trandoshan terrorist named Shabal Visk, escapes to a training camp in Trandosha.

On Endor, two Republic spy operatives, Nestor Serrano and Lisa Morales meet to consolidate intelligence about their target, a drug smuggler named Mikhail "Butcher" Troyko. Butcher's men kill Nestor and capture Morales, who is imprisoned in a jungle compound and tortured.

File:Kamino ARC Team 3 Deployment.png
At a Kamino military complex, the members of Iona Team, ARC Team 3, are at home. Commander Rorke confides to Captain Booster that the entire team spend time together until their next deployment. ARC Team 3 is then deployed to Endor to exfiltrate Morales.

The team, consisting of four ARCs (Iona Team) and three troopers of the 10th, insert into the jungle via HALO jump and hold position outside the compound all night. At dawn, Special Warfare Combatant-craft Crewmen are inserted down the river from the compound on-board LAAT/i Gunships and deploy a Raven drone that identifies the guards and a large group of enemies camped down the road. The ARCs approach the compound, hear Morales being tortured, and decide to enter the compound early. Rorke and Weimy, the team sniper, provide cover for the other five, led by Booster, who conduct room-clearing, engaging several enemy guards. Trooper Mikey is shot in the eye, blinding him and knocking him unconscious. The ARCs extract Morales, escaping with her and recovering a cell phone full of the information she had gathered. However, the gunfight alerts the enemy quick reaction force down the road, who drive toward the camp. The ARCs commandeer an enemy speeder truck and exfiltrate. The hot pursuit forces them to revert to a tertiary extraction point where the LAAT Gunships extract the team and neutralize the enemy pursuit with Rockets and heavy repeater lasers.

Butcher and Shabal, who are revealed to have been childhood friends, meet in Felucia. Butcher knows the Republic is watching him and informs Shabal that subordinates will complete their project. Shabal is enraged, but he goes to the factory that Butcher specified where bomb vests are being assembled. These use plastic explosives and ceramic ball bearings to work like an enormous claymore mine. They can evade metal detectors and are thin enough to be worn under any clothing without attracting attention.

On an Acclamator I-class assault ship , Senior Commanding Officer Miller, the operations officer of the ARC team, informs Rorke that Mikey will survive but has lost his sight in one eye. In addition, the intelligence they recovered confirms that Shabal and Butcher were working together. Shabal, an old-school terrorist, seeks to bring fear to the Republic, while Butcher is not merely a drug dealer, but a smuggler, with routes and contacts for smuggling people into the heart of the Republic, Coruscant. Two of the ARCs, Ajay and Ray, are sent to Trandosha, where an arms transfer involving Shabal is taking place. The remaining ARCs, comprising Rorke and Booster, along with troopers Sonny and Weimy from the 10th Special Ops, stay in Coruscant in case the terrorists make it in. Miller himself has been reassigned to ARC Team Four, hunting for Butcher somewhere on the oceans. Commander Rorke gives a letter to Boost in case he is killed.

The two ARCs parachute from a Nu-Class Shuttle transport off the coast in Trandosha to rendezvous with a submarine equipped with a Dry Deck Shelter and they board a ARC Delivery Vehicle that they use to reach the coast. They confirm the presence of Shabal and sixteen terrorists and identify his ship. They track the ship to the moon Centax-3 off Coruscant, where the team stages an assault. They successfully attack and secure the island, killing eight terrorists. Rorke is nearly killed by an RPG that strikes his Armor directly in the chest but does not detonate.

Meanwhile, Butcher is hiding aboard his yacht (Horizon-class Star Yacht), guarded by escort fighters and mercenaries. ARC Team Four identifies the yacht with drone imaging and deploys several Gunships and Consular-class Cruisers. They quickly kill the guards and capture Butcher. Senior Commanding Officer Miller conducts his interrogation. Threatened with permanent separation from his family along with other implied sanctions, Butcher reveals his connection with Shabal and his plans to have his martyrs detonate their vests at strategic points throughout Coruscant, causing a panic and doing economic damage surpassing that following the Separatists attacks. But Butcher says he is powerless to stop the attack.

File:Coruscant Underworld.png
The ARCs are informed that not all of their targets were neutralized and that half, including Shabal, are en route to Coruscant’s luxury surface via tunnels underneath an industrial factory from the underworld levels. They are ordered to link up with Shock Troopers and neutralize the remaining targets. Republic Galactic Marines relieve the ARCs and the 10th Special Ops, who then travel to the Coruscant underworld meeting the Shock Troopers. The Shock trooper Captain informs the ARCs that the assault will be extremely dangerous, as the smugglers are supported by the well-armed local drug cartel.

The ARCs and Shock trooper forces assault the factory, hiding in dump speeder trucks. The combined forces cordon off the factory while Rorke, the Shock trooper officer, Captain Booster, Sonny, and several other trooper from the 10th Special Ops Devision led by Weimy clear most of the factory. The Shock trooper officer is wounded and the ARCs are nearly killed as the explosive vest of a suicide bomber detonates. As they reach the tunnels, an enemy fighter drops an grenade into the room. Only Rorke sees the grenade land. Realizing his team cannot escape the room in time, he dives on the grenade and it detonates, severely wounding him. Booster pursues the terrorists alone, while Sonny tends to Rorke. Booster catches up to the terrorists as they try to escape through the tunnels, and shoots several of them as they flee into the entrance. After running out of ammo Booster draws his sidearm and pursues the remaining suicide bomber. Shabal, however, fires into Booster, gravely wounding him. Booster finds the energy and kills the final suicide bomber as he runs into the tunnel. Shabal approaches Booster and prepares to execute him but is intercepted and killed by Sonny.

Operation: Red WavesEdit

"This mission, the combat, was supposed to last for half an hour not one day."
- Captain Booster

A famine and civil war have gripped Ryloth, resulting in over 300,000 civilian deaths and a major Jedi peacekeeping operation. With the bulk of the peacekeepers withdrawn, the Ryloth militia loyal to the warlord Farrah Aidid have declared war on the remaining Jedi personnel. In response, the Republic 212th Attack Battalion, 10th Special Ops Division, and 160th Aviation Unit are deployed to Ryloth to capture Aidid, who has proclaimed himself leader of Ryloth.

File:212th Moving Through Ryloth.png
To cement his power and subdue the population of Ryloth, Aidid and his militia seize emergency food shipments, coercing the cooperation of the people, while the Jedi forces are powerless to directly intervene. Outside Nabat, 212th and 10th Special Ops Division operators capture Ali Atto, a warlord selling arms to Aidid's militia. Shortly thereafter, a mission is planned to capture Omar Elmi and Abdi Awale, two of Aidid's top advisers.

The Republic forces include experienced men as well as new recruits, including Private First Class ‘Blackburn’ and a desk clerk going on his first mission. When his Commander is removed from duty after having an epileptic seizure, Captain Booster is placed in command of 10th Special Ops Division Squad, Team Four.

The operation is launched and 10th Special Ops division squad teams one and two successfully capture Aidid's advisers inside the target building. The 212th and LAAT’s escorting the ground-extraction convoy take heavy fire as the LAAT begin to deploy the 212th teams along with the 10th, while Captain Booster's Squad Four is dropped a block away by mistake. Blackburn is severely injured after falling from Booster’s LAAT Gunship, so three convoy vehicles led by Sergeant Cracker are detached from the convoy to return Blackburn to the Republic-held Nabat Airport.

Sergeant Pilla is shot and killed just as Cracker's column gets underway, and shortly thereafter LAAT Super-Six One, piloted by Cliff, is shot down by a rocket-propelled grenade and crashes deep within the city. Both pilots are killed, the two crew gunners are wounded, and one 10th Special Ops Division sniper on board fights off several enemies until he is rescued in another LAAT that makes it back to base.

File:10th Special Ops Division on Ryloth.png
The ground forces are rerouted to converge on the crash site. The Ryloth militia throws up roadblocks, causing Commander Knight's Convoy column to lose its way, while sustaining heavy casualties. Meanwhile, two 212st squads, including Booster's unit, reach LAAT Super-Six One's crash site and set up a defensive perimeter to await evacuation with the two wounded men and the fallen pilots. In the interim, LAAT Super-Six Four, piloted by Emzee, is also shot down by an RPG and crashes several blocks away.

With Commander Cody’s 212th squad pinned down and sustaining heavy casualties, no ground forces can reach LAAT Super Six Four's crash site nor reinforce the 212th squads defending LAAT Super Six One. Two 10th Special Ops Division snipers, Sergeant Randy and Sergeant Gordon volunteered to protect the second crash site until reinforcements arrive and are inserted by their LAAT into LAAT Super Six Four's crash site, where they find Emzee still alive. After holding the crash site for nearly two hours the crash site is eventually overrun, Gordon and Randy are killed, and Emzee is captured and taken to Aidid.

Knight's convoy column gives up the attempt to reach LAAT Super Six-One's crash site and returns to base with their prisoners and the casualties. The men prepare to go back to extract the pinned down 212th squads and the fallen pilots and General Garrison sends Lieutenant Cribbs to ask for reinforcements from the 6th Mountain Division, to mobilize as a relief column.

As night falls the Ryloth militia launch a sustained assault on the trapped Republic soldiers at LAAT Super Six One's crash site. The militia is held off throughout the night by strafing runs and rocket attacks from Attack LAAT Gunships of the 160th aviation unit, ‘Nightstalkers’, until the 6th Mountain Division's relief column is able to reach the site. The wounded and casualties are evacuated in the vehicles, but a handful of remaining 212th hand 10th Special Ops Division soldiers, including Booster’s unit, are forced to run from the crash site back to the stadium, in the Republic Safe Zone.


"When people ask me, 'Hey Boost, why did you do it man? Why? You some kind of rebel?' You know what I'll say? I won't say a single word. Why? They won't understand. They won't understand why we did it. They won't understand that it's about the men next to you, and that's it. That's all it is.”
- Booster Skirata to Ryse, Clutch and Steel about disobeying 'Order 66'
ARC Lieutenant RyseEdit

Ryse ‘Skirata’ was a Lieutenant ARC trooper part of ARC Team 3, in the 10th Special Ops Division, Special Operations Brigade. He and three other ARCs replaced the ARCs lost in ‘Operation: Grey Ghosts’ and is Booster’s trusted 2nd in command. He was also one of three other ARC troopers to escape with Captain Booster during Order 66 under the chaos of ‘Operation Knighfall’. Lieutenant Ryse was also part of Booster’s training company in the Special Integrated Trooper Training Regime, thus giving him and Booster a long-term friendship.

ARC Lieutenant ClutchEdit

Clutch ‘Skirata’ was the 2nd member to replace the ARCs lost in ‘Operation: Grey Ghosts’ and was placed into ARC Team 3, in the 10th Special Ops Division. Although having been a long time ARC trooper, Clutch still seems to retain a sense of humor within the team which seems to ease the tension during missions at times. Clutch has a very unique skill in upgrading systems, maintaining hardware and is no doubt the best vehicle pilot within the group. He was another one of three members to escape with Booster during ‘Order 66’.

ARC Lieutenant SteelEdit

Steel ‘Skirata’ was the 3rd ARC trooper replacement for the lost members during ‘Operation: Grey Ghosts’ Fresh out of ARC Training, he seems to be the more by the book trooper, a thing the rest of ARC Team 3 teases him for. Although his personality is rigid at first, he slowly begins to understand the actions and thoughts of his fellow ARCs at which he first thought were more ‘reckless, immature, ill-logical and irresponsible’. Although very doubtful in the beginning, his teammates slowly earn his trust to a point of family and brothers. Steel in the final member to escape with Booster during ‘Order 66’.

Annabeth CourrEdit
"Not a day goes by that I haven't thought about that golden haired female who saved my life."
- Booster Skirata

Annabeth Courr 'Skirata' 02

Annabeth Courr

Annabeth Courr was raised under the Resol’nare and later lived on Mandalore when the Clone Wars had ended. After joining back up with Kal Skirata on Mandalore, Booster spots her in the food market and immediately recognizes her as the mystery woman that rescued him during ‘Operation: Grey Ghost’. They end up having a long conversation on catching up with each other, and eventually start dating a few days later. Days turn into weeks and weeks turn into months. About a year after they met in the market, Booster and Annabeth are already in a serious relationship and got married in a standard Mando’a fashion. They exchanged short and binding vows, and left for their honeymoon. Later on in the future, the two would often do several mercenary jobs together. Their planning, during jobs, usually involved Annabeth thinking of the tactics and planning while Booster put it all together into action. The pair would do this for many years before eventually retiring in their permanent home on Kyrimorut, in Mandalore and raising a family, along with the rest of Clan Skirata.


"It is fatal to enter a war without the will to win it."
- Booster Skirata

Special Intergration Trooper Training Regime:Edit

It appears that the clone commando program was so successful that some clone troopers were trained in commando skills and tactics before the first battle of Geonosis. Some commando-trained troopers were: CT-1776 "Booster", CT-19/39, a recon trooper killed on Praesitlyn; RC-5108/8843, a former bomb disposal expert taken under Kal Skirata's wing; the clone trooper squad that accompanied Mace Windu and Valiant during the hunt for Darth Sidious; and the non-ARC members of the Special Operations Brigade.

Kill House Training

The 'Killing House'.

This special training allowed Booster and many others in his training brigade to act without thinking. They claimed it was similar to the Jedi's use of the Force. Some of them even learned genetics to reverse the aging process.

Booster, along with his training squad and the rest of those selected for the Special Integration Trooper Regime were trained by a group of one hundred elite training sergeants chosen by Jango Fett, of which seventy-five were Mandalorian mercenaries. These men and women, known as the Cuy'val Dar trained the clones in a variety of tactics ad fighting techniques, but the impressionable clones also developed a few behavioral traits similar to their instructors. The first generation of clones were selected from the regular clone batches and effectively forcing them to depend on each other and work together in order to survive. During their training, the training squads were often pitted against each other during combat sessions.

They were trained in live-fire exercises, giving them a sense of the reality of combat long before the regular clones. Anti-terrorist training was conducted in a building nicknamed the Killing House. Though many clones failed to survive their exercises, the rest learned rapidly, allowing them to become better soldiers. However, the loss of fellow squad mates was felt by any clone who lost a vod—a brother. Booster also experienced near-death torture to train him and his squad in resisting interrogation, many clones were left mentally scarred from the experience.

ARC Training:Edit

Kal Skirata took Booster and his team to train them as "black ops" commandos, named them, and taught them their Mandalorian heritage, sequestered from the other clones throughout their training. After completing their standard training they trained in Mandalorian military and survival combat to kill and destroy by any means possible.


Booster with his Cadet Brigade during basic training.

During training, the Booster and his training brigade clones experienced near-death torture to train them in resisting interrogation. The Mandalorian Training Sergeant taught his clone troopers a technique of resisting interrogation by shutting out reality to become someone else who wasn't in your terrible situation. One way to achieve this was to visualize putting the pain and fear in a box, or concentrating on its physical reality so minutely it fragmented and ceases to register; another method was to imagine you were somewhere else. One could also focus on the next moment one could bear to think about, like the next meal, second or step, time after time until the ordeal was over. Mandalorians were trained to endure torture.

Booster Training

Booster Training with a DC-15S Blaster on Kamino

They also had special training for all types and essentials of warfare like assassination, black ops, anti-terrorism, covert ops, espionage, slicing and even medical knowledge. Their training was furthered by Kal, who taught them how to handle a wide assortment of weapons, ranging from blaster rifles to Verpine sniper rifles and hand to hand combat. They also ate food that only contained nutrients. Later in their training they learned the skills of maneuvering in zero-g.

They were also drilled codes or oral commands whether personal ones like Kal Skirata or mandatory by their higher ups, like "Check", an oral command that had been drilled into his own commandos by Kal, to instantly make them stop what they were doing, and as part of their education and psychological training, all clone troopers, were required to adhere to the Command Code, a set of guidelines that governed a clone's behavior and every action during their growth. Hence, every clone was obliged to obey every aspect of the Code without question, doubt or hesitance... with some exceptions from ARCs.

Armor and EquipmentEdit

"A weapon is only as good as the guy who wields it."
- Booster Skirata

Trooper Gear:Edit

Booster 501st Phase I Aiming Weapon

Sergeant Booster's Phase I Gear

During the development of the first generation of clones, Kaminoan armorsmiths forged Phase I battle armor; the military combat uniform of the clone troopers. The armor was loosely based on the design of Jango Fett's Mandalorian shock trooper armor. The most notable feature of Mandalorian influence in the armor's design was the helmet's distinctive T-shaped visor. The full uniform consisted of twenty plastoid armor plates, attached to a black body glove. Other aspects of the armor included the helmet's breath filter, a utility belt and the boots' high-traction soles.

At the beginning of the Clone Wars, Phase I battle armor used color to distinguish clone officers from each other and the rest of the rank-and-file stock. For instance, commanders were marked by yellow stripes; captains, lieutenants and sergeants were identified by red, blue and olive green respectively. However, this system of military uniformity was relaxed during the early period of the war and color was used in some cases as a means for distinguishing unit affiliation instead of rank. Though many clone troopers maintained their armor in traditional white, other clones customized their uniforms through color and design. In recognition of their achievements, some clones were allowed to add specific designs to their armor, such as a Mandalorian award known as "Jaig eyes."

The principle drawback of the Phase I battle armor, however, was its heavy and uncomfortable design. Hence, it was disparagingly referred to as the "body bucket." As a result of such imperfections, the flaws of Phase I were eliminated through the conception of Phase II battle armor.

Booster 501st Phase II Aiming Weapon

Sergeant Booster's Phase II Gear

As the Clone Wars, progressed, Phase I was ultimately rendered obsolete when the clone troopers switched to its Phase II successor. The new armor was designed to be superior to its predecessor in every aspect; stronger, lighter and more adaptable. But due to the rigors of war, Phase II battle armor was more battle-dented and mud-smeared than the Phase I precursor. The practice of color design and armor customization was carried over to the new armor as well. By the time of the Battle of Coruscant in 19 BBY, various clone divisions were visually distinguished from each other primarily through different color designs.

All variants of Booster’s clone trooper armor sported colors of the infamous 501st blue. Booster wore standard phase one and two clone trooper gear during the clone wars. Which featured a standard utility belt at all times and sometimes a Merr-Sonn JT-12 jetpack for specific missions.

The Republic clone trooper's primary weapons for ranged combat were the DC-15A blaster rifle and its more compact counterpart, the DC-15S blaster carbine. In addition, clone troopers often carried one or more grenades of varying types, such as the Merr-Sonn V-1 thermal detonator, LXR-6 concussion grenades, V-6 haywire grenades, and electro magnetic pulse grenades. The pouches and compartments of a trooper's highly functional utility belt contained a multitude of equipment, including a grappling hook, spare ammunition, ration supplies and a rudimentary medical kit containing enough synthflesh and bacta to keep a wounded soldier alive until a medic could arrive. Clone troopers could be outfitted at Grand Army troop centers.

ARC Gear:Edit

ARC Booster Hybrid Gear 02

Captain Booster's Hybrid Gear

Booster wore a more advanced and versatile version of the Phase I armor, along with command pauldrons and kamas. They commonly had a periscope rangefinder attachment on the right side of their helmets, similar to Mandalorian helmets.

Sometime during the war, a prototype of Phase II version ARC Trooper armor was developed and issued on Kamino. The helmets were hybrids between the two versions, with the Phase II helmet's design sporting a shorter version of the Phase I helmet's antenna crest on top. Likewise, the Pauldrons had extra chest-plates, and a life support pack was usually worn on the back. ARC Trooper Colt and at least three others were known to have worn such armor during a Confederate assault on Kamino. Later, troopers CT-21-0408 and CT-27-5555 would also wear this armor. During 21 BBY, ARC trooper helmets later were changed to have the shape of a standard Phase II clone trooper helmet, as evidenced by CT-27-5555 when he fought in the Battle of Umbara.

File:ARC Booster Aim 03.png
Booster’s ARC trooper armor had many additional equipments such as: A Range finder, a Kama, additional ammunition packs, Pauldrons and a more advanced and versatile version of normal clone trooper armor. During his time with the republic, Booster was armed with twin DC-17 hand blastersDC-15S blasterDC-15A blaster rifle, While each mission profile required a different loadout. Booster was commonly armed with the WESTAR-M5 blaster rifleDC-15A blaster riflesDC-17 hand blasters, and frag and reverse-polarity pulse grenades. When heavier firepower was required, ARC’s donned specialized armor to bear the weight of reciprocating quad blastersPLX-1 portable missile launchers, or Z-6 rotary blaster cannons. Many individual ARC Troopers also had bandoliers and pouches for extra equipment, such as EMP grenades and extra ammunition. However, Booster was also supplied with an array of non-Republic exotic weaponry, such as slugthrowers, Accelerated Charged Particle Array Gun, Accelerated Charged Particle Repeater Gun, LJ-50 concussion rifle, LS-150 Heavy Accelerated Charged Particle Repeater Gun, improvised explosive devices, bore bangs, flash-bang grenades, and EMP grenades. ARCs also received training that gave them access to vehicles which usually required a specialized clone trooper to operate. To enhance ground range and mobility, ARCs made use of the BARC speeder, named for the Biker Advanced Recon Commandos who used it. For small squad operations, Advanced Recon Commando pilots piloted LAAT/i gunships to drop units behind enemy lines. Advanced Recon Commando heavy gunners used heavy weapons.

Mandalorian Gear:Edit

Booster Skirata - Orange 01

Booster's Orange Mandalorian Gear

Booster wore Mandalorian armor in the "shocktrooper" style common during his time, although instead of the more traditional beskar plating, he utilized the less resilient and less expensive duraplast alloy for his armor.

Because Booster's Mandalorian armor was originally constructed from duraplast, allowing it to sustain a great deal of damage without degrading. Booster wore a power armor liner. This liner shirt had a micro energy field projector and two layers of thin ceramic plates, in order to disperse physical and blast impacts, reducing injuries and likelihood of knockdowns. The power liner also gave him increased protection from fire, acid, intense heat, and cold. His main clothing was a reinforced armor mesh battle/flight suit. The inner lining of the suit blocked poisons and corrosives for a period of time.

Booster Skirata - Orange 04

Booster Skirata with his DC-15S

Sometime later, Annabeth Courr made new armor plates and a helmet for Booster from some of the Mandalorian iron deposits that were discovered in the countryside around Mandalore. Annabeth thought it more proper that Booster’s armor be made from this material, since he was always getting into ‘tough situations’. The pieces were painted in orange to show that he has a free life to live for. She also added a gorget to the ensemble, explaining to Booster that this way he wouldn't have to worry about being killed in the same manner as Jango had.

Booster Skirata’s new Mandalorian armor was a top grade version made of Mandalorian iron. He always wore his gauntlets, even when not wearing the rest of his armor. One of his gauntlets carried a comlink. He also carried his Republic service weapons. Booster was very fond of Bows weapons and often carried a energy bow or bowcaster. He also used a custom EE-3 Carbine rifle and a Westar-34 blaster pistols.

Booster wore a utility belt that usually had two or more pouches. Attached to his right shoulder he wore a small cape with a trident symbol on it to remind him of his home planet of Kamino. The battle/flight suit had pockets on his shins which contained an anti-security blade, a survival knife, a jet-pack adjustment tool, and a sonic-beam weapon. Booster wore spats around his ankles to help prevent debris from going into his boots. They were smaller than standard spats and attached behind the ankle as opposed to under his boots. Booster also wore a pair of versatile boots that had two spikes that could be deployed at will in the front of each boot.

Booster's Mandalorian Armor Color Definition:Edit

Booster’s orange marks represents his will to live. The grey armor plating is to honor the ARCs lost in 'Operation Grey Ghosts' and every other brother fallen during that day, a thing many clones in the 10th Special Operations Division did too. Booster's black fight suit represents justice, taking action in what he believes is right for either his men, family or as an individual. Booster also owned a second set of Mandalorian armor, which was a gift from Annabeth Courr. His second set of armor was thicker and made out of the proper Mandalorian iron deposits.


Booster Skirata's Mandalorian helmet recorded video and played it back on command, dispensed water, compensated automatically for low or high light conditions, picked up on minute sounds and amplified them and could connect with the onboard computer of The Dauntless, assuming the transmission wasn't blocked. The helmet also had the capability of sealing to compensate for pressure changes, and holding 5 to 10 minutes of air. The helmet also contained a retractable straw, allowing Booster to drink without removing his helmet. Like most Mandalorian helmets, it had a T-shaped visor.

Booster Skirata Helmet Orange

Booster Skirata's helmet

Booster could control weapons, sensors, and his jet pack with verbal commands. His helmet's HUD (heads-up-display) featured information on the surrounding environment as well as a 360-degree field of vision. The HUD's data streams could be controlled by eye movements and blinking. In addition, an advanced penetrating radar allowed his HUD to provide information on nearby rooms, and could be used to scan the HoloNet and connect with databases, allowing him to perform tasks which would normally require a computer terminal, such as searching databases for individuals or even trading on the stock market and buying real estate, from anywhere that was accessible through the HoloNet. The macrobinocular viewplate could be magnified to allow Booster to see great distances, and was equipped with, among other things, an infrared scanner that could be magnified up to 50 times. The infrared scanner magnified light up to 100 times or displayed heat gradations.

The helmet's broad band antenna was capable of intercepting and unscrambling comlink and starship comm transmissions. Also, with assistance from his ships computer, jamming transmissions or sending fake transmissions, even while not in his ship. At the top of the antenna was a rangefinder capable of tracking up to 30 targets from a distance of 100 meters. The rangefinder fed data to a display overlay inside the helmet showing range and movement for targets in a 360 degree radius. The overlay also linked to Booster's weapons systems to display fire vector and range data. The rangefinder could be deployed horizontally or vertically.

The environmental filter system could filter out poisons and contaminants as well as provide Booster with a two hour reserve air tank.


DC-15S 02

Booster's preferred weapon of choice, the DC-15S.

Booster was usually armed with his service weapons from the Republic Military, which included; twin DC-17 hand blasters, his preferred DC-15S blaster and occasionally the DC-15A blaster rifle. Booster’s wrist gauntlets were a mounting point for many of his weapons. His left gauntlet had a Czerka ZX miniature flame projector, which creates a cone of fire five meters long and one meter in diameter. Directly below this was the Dur-24 wrist laser. Comparable to a blaster rifle in power, these wrist lasers had a range of 50 meters. Originally exposed, a protective shield was later added to the left gauntlet enclosing and concealing both weapons. Booster's left gauntlet also had a Kelvarex Consolidated Arms MM9 mini concussion rocket, which utilized computer target tracking. Booster used Type-12A anti-personnel rockets, Type-12B stun rockets, and 1126 rockets. Booster's right gauntlet had a fibercord whip with a grappling device: a 20-meter-long fibercord whip used to entangle and immobilize a target. It also held retractable vibro-blades and twin dart launchers. These small launchers used Malkite themfar or Fex-M3, molecular acid, stun agents, explosive tips and an integrated Velocity-7 dart shooter with Kamino saberdarts, among other kinds. He also carried a field security overloader, sonic beam weapon, wristband blades, wrist mounted grappling hook, boot spikes, and electromagnetic devices in his gloves, enabling him to attract his guns from a short distance. Booster also used a Merr-Sonn JT-12 jetpack. Later on in the future, Booster acquired a EE-3 carbine rifleWESTAR-34 Blaster Pistols, an Energy Bow and a Bowcaster. Booster had outfitted his bowcaster with a scope for sniping, along with a fast draw shoulder sling, while also sporting a tactical light and laser sights. Although having a wide range of weapons to chose from, Booster later prefered his energy bow or bowcaster.


"She's called the 'Dauntless'."
- Booster Skirata referring to his ship
Republic Frigate

The 'Dauntless' - Booster's Personal ship after the Clone Wars.

During the Clone Wars, Booster and his team were often transported to various missions on a Charger c70 retrofit. During Oder 66 and under the chaos of ‘Operation Knightfall’ Booster and Iona team managed to slip away in the ship. Later on during the reign of the Empire, the ship would become Boosters personal ship and used on many Bounty Hunter missions. Booster was also known to have heavily illegally modified the ship’s weapons system, navigation, armor and engines.

The Charger’s were armed with six twin turbolaser cannons, each mounted on the opposing side of the center fuselage and one on the stern behind the sensor and communications array. The ship also had a double laser turret on the top of the bow. The class also had a smaller sensor and communications array than on the peacetime vessels, and can be staffed by clone pilots and officers.

The weapons-system had a targeting screen of Corellian design, similar to the one on the AG-2G quad laser cannon, an orange-against-red grid.

After the Empire was formed the Dauntless began heavy modifications, such as hidden laser cannons. In addition to the hidden laser cannon, the Dauntless was equipped with a pair of dorsal and ventrally mounted Corellian Engineering Corporation AG-2G quad laser cannons, which drew their power directly from her Quadex power core. They were originally installed by the Republic to replace the mandible mounted blasters. When Booster took over ownership of the Dauntless, he modified the cannons extensively by adding enhanced powercyclers, high-volume gas feeds, and custom laser actuators. This increased the cannons' output to the point where they were able to destroy a TIE Fighter with a single shot. These cannons, though typically manually operated, could be remotely accessed and controlled from the cockpit by Booster. The ship also had a pair of Arakyd ST2 concussion missile launchers mounted on the forward half of the ship, which were technically illegal for civilians to possess; these were used in many battles aginst the Empire. The Dauntless was refitted with higher military-grade power generators, propulsion, and weaponry. The quad blaster cannons were replaced by light turbolasers. The turbolaser turrets were then eventually replaced with newer light turbolasers in addition to the new MG7-A Proton Torpedos which were also added onto the Dauntless.

Personality and TraitsEdit

"I've been around the Galaxy twice, talked to everyone once. There ain't nothing I can't do, no sky too high, no sea too rough. Learned a lot of lessons in my life, never shoot a large caliber man with a small caliber blaster. Anything in life worth doing is worth overdoing. Moderation is for cowards, I'm a lover, I'm a fighter, I'm a Republic Special Forces Clone Trooper."
- Captain Booster
Booster Graduation

Booster & his Graduation Unit.

Booster summarized his philosophy be asserting that experience outranked everything. An independent thinker, he wasn't afraid to voice his opinion to higher ranking officers, but still obeyed orders from his superiors under all but extreme circumstances. Booster was also very tactful, adept at diffusing tense or embarrassing situations.

Booster was a freethinking trooper in the republic and believed strongly in the humanity of himself and his fellow clones. While he would not hesitate to follow his superiors on dangerous or costly missions, he would react fiercely if he believed his men were being disrespected or treated inhumanely.

Trained in hundreds of different fighting styles and combat tactics, he was a skilled soldier, unafraid to place himself in danger if required for the line of duty. These characteristics enabled Booster to survive many engagements and lead his troops to numerous victories. Booster demonstrated sufficient mental strength to resist a mind trick from a force user of Asajij Ventress' caliber.

After his encounters with General Krell, Booster began to reject the belief that being a good soldier meant that he must obey his orders without question. Booster likened the notion of blind obedience to that of a droid's programming, and argued that, as individuals, he and his fellow clones needed to make their own decisions when they believed an order was wrong.

Booster was also able to deduce that Skywalker was in love with Padmé Amidala due to the clones' heightened sensitivity to minute personal details—such as overly long glances, a tendency to snap to attention at the mention of her name—developed by living among individuals who all looked the same. However, Booster believed the feelings were unreciprocated and did not suspect that the two were secretly married.

Annabeth Courr 'Skirata' 03

Annabeth Courr Skirata

After news of the what happened aboard the Prosecutor and the supposed alliance between the Tranoshans and the Separatists, Booster developed a special hatred to the species. This hated only grew when his rescue team was shot down, losing sixteen 10th division team members, eight of which were ARCs. Shortly after, during the same mission, three ARCs from Team 3 where killed from the same group of Trandoshan Militia that also took out the rescue team and leaving Booster as the lone survivor for that operation.

As with most clone troopers, he held a high amount of loyalty to the Republic and was determined to win the Clone Wars in the Republic's favor regardless of cost, believing that if they lost, the Republic's future descendents would live under an unimaginable evil. Ultimately, his efforts would prove to be for naught even after the Republic won the Clone Wars due to the Declaration of a New Order and the formation of the Galactic Empire. Booster then saw the Empire as an enmey towards the Republic he once fought for, causing him to desert the Army. After His narrow escape during Order 66, under the chaos of Operation Knightfall, Booster and Iona team managed to slip away. They began lives of Mercenaries until later being found by one of Kal Skirata's adoptive sons, where they moved to mandalore and eventually getting married to a one, Annabeth Courr.


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- Booster's identification number "CT-1776" happens to be the same year in which the United States Declaration of Independence was created and signed, to which Booster holds a very similar belief, where he believes the Empire is wrong and must do what he thinks is right.

A line from the Declaration of Independence which outlines a general philosophy of government that justifies revolution when government harms natural rights:

"But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.” Simplifying that when something is wrong, those with the ability to take action have the responsibility to take action.