Cassus Hunter

R:half full
C:half empty
 R:half full
C:half empty
R:half full
C: half empty
R:half full
C: half empty
R:half full
C: Razz . . . 
R: yeah?
C: shut up.
– Cassus and Razz having an arguement over the container of the rations they have left.

Cassus HunterEdit

Cassus hunter was a Mandalorian bounty hunter who lived from the clone wars to the Galactic Civil War. Even though he was from the peaceful world of Alderaan he didn't live up to the peaceful starndards of the people before his time. He had a brother who was 11 years younger then him and a sister who was 3 years younger than him

Early LifeEdit

When Cassus was a little kid he was traveling every where with his dad. Never really stayed on Alderaan for more that two days at a time. His dad was big into the smuggling business which got him into trouble. His life he'd always be on the run. When ever he and his dad would land on a planet his dad would tell him to go and steal some stuff for them so he would be able to keep the little money he had. In his free time his dad would teach him how to use all different types of blasters mainly pistols. He would often pickpocket nobles and save up the money he would use stealing. Since he and his dad would stay on planets very scarcly he was able to get away with robery's. When he was 12 years old Cassus and his dad went to visit home again. but his dad's rival smuggler .burned the house the ground. when they put out the fire they found Cassus's mom with  a bullet through her left shoulder dead. His younger brother and sister were no where to be found.When he got to coruscant he saved enough money to buy a blaster the DL-18 blaster pistol. when he reached age of 14 his dad died in an ambush by theives. Cassus was sad he went into a nutshell and would just hang around in the lower alleys and robbing people eating more twinkies then he was supposed to ( wut can i say man twinkies are good) half way through his years in the coruscant underworld he started up in a life of bounty hunting. When he was 15 he met a theif that was 13 called Razz razz was always optimistic while Cassus was usally never in a good mood. They helped each other out. Razz would usually pick pocket the victem of his weapon (if he had one) and the Cassus would take him out. It worked out good in his beginning years when he was in a poor astate and just started bounty hunting. but when he was doing a job one day Razz was knifed in the back by a victem who was an expierenced Smuggler. Cassus wanted to help Razz but he was in the middle of a Bounty and he couldn't leave it like it was. He attacked the smuggler fueled by rage and before the smuggler could pull a gun on Cassus he sliced him down with his Vibroblade. When Cassus returned to aid Razz he was already dead. Cassus later froze his body in carbonite and went on with life. But always rememberd without Razz he would never have became the Bounty hunter he was.When he turned 16 he started exploring out the galaxy in his dads star ship.while he was out exploring he joined the mandalorian guild under Beviin Kabur. (at the time Aloquar wasn't there any more) He customized  his armor to a red and black color with a blue visor. he also bought entirly new weapons and modifications for his ship and gear. when he was 20 the clone wars began and he was promoted some time to commander in the guild.

Great  Jedi Purge

After the clone wars the Great Jedi Purge started which lasted from 19 BBY to 1 BBY. Cassus During that time period helped tohunt down alot of jedi. The Empire payed him fairly well and he had enough creditts, but Cassus didn't feel like serving next to storm troopers who didn't do very good as fighting as indiviuals against large prey so in 13 BBY he switched to the rebel side.  {| border="0" cellpadding="1" cellspacing="1" class="article-table" style="border-color:rgb(58,86,115);width:500px;" ! scope="col" style="border-bottom-color:rgb(58,86,115);"|Great  Jedi Purge |} After the clone wars the Great Jedi Purge started which lasted from 19 BBY to 1 BBY. Cassus During that time period helped tohunt down alot of jedi. The Empire payed him fairly well and he had enough creditts, but Cassus didn't feel like serving next to storm troopers who didn't do very good as fighting as indiviuals against large prey so in 13 BBY he switched to the rebel side.  {| border="0" cellpadding="1" cellspacing="1" class="article-table" style="border-color:rgb(58,86,115);width:500px;" ! scope="col" style="border-bottom-color:rgb(58,86,115);"| Different Events  |} Even though Cassus didn't play any major roles in the Clone wars or the Galactic Civil War he still had quite a few enemies to deal with. When he first started Bounty hunting he had a mentor in the lower levels of 1313. he lived their when he was like 14 when he eating more twinkies then he was supposed to. he started out bounty hunting with only that one lucky pistol of his. he made a few kills granting him at least 500 creditts per job. he saved up until he was able to afford a vibroblade then he focused on armor when his friend taught him how to use his left hand for using his blaster pistol. When he was 15 he went to tatooine where he bought most of his things off the black market. He got his dual WESTAR-34's and a second vibroblade. He also got some beskar armor when he joined the mandalorian guild. He crafted his own jetpack and then put some minor modifications on it so he is prepared for any thing. When he collected bounties he had honor and followed the bounty hunters creed being more civil than he was when he was 14 by eating more twinkies then he should ( yes ur probably saying enough with the twinkies well twinkies are amazing XD that warm fuzzy feeling they give u when u eat them the nice err i should get back to the topic on hand srrry twinkie distraction XD) . Before the clone wars started jabba called out a bounty on a smuggler who failed to pay up the debt she owed him. The price was 10,000 republic credits for capture for her dead. She was last sighted on dantooine. When cassus got there he was about to kill her until she conviced him that she was his sister Rita hunter. they went back to her cottage and she told him about what happened after the house got burned down. after about an hour of talking she was almost done until a rival bounty hunter zapado  who went by the name click cause thats what his victem would hear before dieing. hunting the same target shot her in the stomach with a sniper rifle. right before she died she told him to find his younger brother Sam Hunter who is working as a smuggler on nar shaada. Cassus promised to do that right after click got his body pumped full of blaster lasers Click was aiming for cassus but this time cassus heard a click and used his cloaking device and just stepped into the shadows. click came over to look around and cassus drew his vibroblades and sliced down try to slice his head in half. click side stepped and drew his knife. cassus threw a shurrican at him which hit click in the wrist and he dropped his knife and started attacking him fists flying but cassus sheathed his blades and easily avoided then he used his cable on click and started electrocuting him then shot him in the face. then he left to find sam. During his travel to nar shadaa he found a black market dealer who sold him a pill that would expand his regular life span x3 so that he could be 100 and feel,and have the physical ability as if he was 30. which is very useful but didn't get rid of  old age. You could die of old age at age 300 or so.



Cassus main weapons were two WESTAR-34 blaster pistols. These pistols were custom made for his hand and he could fire up to 20 shots with out reloading. The pirstols were also very compact and shot very quickly making it effective against lightsabers witch block a few shots with out wearing down. these pistols would fire lasers very quickly making it hard to block


Cassus helmets have changed alot but his most recent one is pretty simple. like he does with almost all of his gear he modified it putting 360 camera's all around the inside of his helmet and it will war him for any sneak attacks. also it has an advanced targeting sytem that works hand in hand with his blaster giving 10x better aim, making it so he could shoot through a ring fron 60 meters away. His helmet also had a breathing container which gave up to 6 hours of air under water or in space.

Blaster rifle

Cassus hunter got one of his primary weapons ofrom the black market. He got a E-ll blaster rifle that they got from a gun store on Nar Shaada . he usually carried his rifle at all times although some timesputting in on his side when he was doing other things. this blaster rifle had a semi-automatic stage and a sniper stage in sniper stage the energy bolts charged up longer and 10x more powerful but took longer between shots as the semi automatic stage was still a 1 hit kill if shot in the head it wouldn't tear ur arm off if shot in the shoulder (which sniper stage can do if ur less than 1000 meters away.)

Wrist Gauntlets

Cassus's Wrist gauntlets held a bunch of nasty surprises for so unfortunate enemies. His gauntlets held mini exploding grenades, flame thrower, grappling cable that can electrocute some one to death , miniholoprojector ( for long distance calls ) and shurikan thrower. and mini target locking missles.


  Cassus's armor was mainly mandalorian beskar armor but moddified. he had zilo beat skin atoms mixed in his armour to block laser bolts better.  he also had different of his little technologies he stored in his pockets. like a portable deflecter shield which he could set up almost any where. and little disks that turned in to turrets once set in place, and twikie bombs, twinkie C4,twinkie grenade,gas twinkie grenades, poison twikies and regular twinkies.  he also took the nuclear waste from his jet pack and put it in grenades making deadly nuclear grenades which had an explosion  of 20 by 20 feet. he also had a shadow cloaking device so he could cloak him self only when it was night so he could make stealth attacks.

Jet pack

Cassus's jet pack had two vibroblades ( incase he ran into any too agrssive jedi ) and he had 3 homing rockets on his jet packs that could take out star ships tanks speeders and some times callapsing a building if hit in the correct spot. Also his jet pack was nuclear powered so he could release a large amount on nuclear waste on any enemy making a sneak attack on his blind side.

Martial Arts

Cassus was highly trained in street fighting from his time in wandering with his dad and the mandalorian guild. He  learned how to use two sabers from watching all the jedi ans sith acolytes he defeated . these fighting skills came in handy when thieves or shop owners would come after him when he was wandering with his dad and stealing stuff. he also mastered how to use every type of fire arm so he could just pick up a gun and start using it.


even though his jet pack provided air transport he needed a back up air transport ,his boots had rockets that could also be used for under water. they dont run on fuel but on ion energy. he also had 2 hidden knives in his boot one throwing knife and one 2 foot long knife foor stealth attacks. his boots also had reinforced coushioning which made his boots so he didn't make a sound when he walked.

Elder Life

When he became 80 he was starting to get alot of money off of bounty hunting so he stopped doing major jobs and just little ones. he would mainly smuggle things in his star ship. He kept his mandalorian beskar armor until a crash when he was 98 on ryloth where he spent his days on his ship or at the cantina he lived as an out cast only carring one of his pistols. he would rarly get into fights unlesss a bounty hunter too prideful or thieves attacked him. when he was 100 he stopped going to the cantina and thought about his past life he thought from his time in the mandalorian guild to when his father was killed to when the rebel alliance was fighting the empire. some times he haccunulated seeing and hearing his father but they were always his imgagination. He never really died in fact he tryed to make a machine that would keep him in suspended sleep and make him younger but the machine ultimatly failed and he was suspended in forever sleep in the machine and since the machine was on his ship that he was flying the ship ultimatly kep flying through the universe from one end to the other some sightings of his ship have been seen by frieghters but no one really knows the exact location for it is always moving. If any one was to find it and wake him up he would be the same age 101. The machine would keep him in prime shape so he could continue to bounty hunt if he was ever woke up.                                  {| border="0" cellpadding="1" cellspacing="1" class="article-table" style="border-color:rgb(58,86,115);width:500px;" ! scope="col" style="border-bottom-color:rgb(58,86,115);"|Other relationships & in game data |} Cassus Hunter isn't really have any close relatives at the moments but has a long dating ancestor from the old republic era. Yusanis Ravenknight was a smuggler from the old republic who helped with the republic war effort.

Yusanis Ravenknight is from SWTOR as for Cassus hunter who is from Clone wars adventures (if u didn't already know)