Ferrigo 'Snake' Prosstang
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68 BBY

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1.88 Meters


90 Kilos

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Clan Prosstang

True Mandalorians

The Prosstang Posse

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Prosstang Industries

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Jaster Mereel (61-52 BBY)

Qui-Gon Jinn [teachings](52-51 BBY)

Count Dooku [combat skills](32 BBY)

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2 Field Marshal (Elder General)

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The Prosstang Posse

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Bc icon jediBc icon mercenaryBc icon sithBc icon trooper

"Don't put off until tomorrow what you can do today...PAY ME." -- Ferrigo Prosstang to the Quarren swindler Baa Tooie, after completing a tracking contract in 25 BBY.

"Your Highness, there is no honor in slaughtering innocents - especially our own people. Any persons or groups who would represent themselves as honorable Mandalorian warriors would understand this. Death Watch exist as traitors to all Mando'ade." -- Ferrigo Prosstang, as CEO of Prosstang Industries, to Duchess Satine Kryze, 25 BBY.

"Oh, I'll do the job. And do it clean. Payment is half a million in Troiken spice now, and the remainder of the contract amount within two hours of my notification of completion. And don't come looking for me at any point in order to renegotiate terms. I'll see you within two weeks." -- Ferrigo Prosstang to Anurgga, a Hutt of the Besadii-Diori Clan .

Early Childhood (68 - 61 BBY)

Ferrigo Prosstang was born of the Mandalorian Clan Prosstang at the Prosstang Estate near Keldabe, Mandalore in 68 BBY. His father, Q'osstigo, though trained as a warrior when young by the brothers of his own father, was limited in his experience of combat as an adult. The elder Prosstang was occupied fully with expanding and consolidating resource extraction and manufacturing interests throughout the Mandalore System and beyond under the umbrella of Prosstang Industries. With recent ancestors tied to the Ordo and Skirata clans, Ferrigo's mother Signara Ordo was an influential advisor to the New Mandalorian government for a great number of years on domestic trade and education policies.

At the age of seven, Ferrigo pleaded with his parents to send him to receive warrior training. While this was illegal under New Mandalorian rule, both of his parents consented to have their son train on Concord Dawn with someone affiliated with a regular client of Prosstang Industries. His parents never shared with anyone, including Ferrigo, the fact that the Jedi Order had visited a few years before asking to take the young Prosstang to Coruscant for training. Nor that Ferrigo's grandmother on his mother's line beyond being a nurse had been a great shamanic healer in private circles.

Warrior Training, Battle of Concord Dawn and Early Friendships (61 - 52 BBY)

Ferrigo trained under the Mand'alor, acclaimed among the clans as the greatest warrior of his time, Jaster Mereel from 61 BBY. Ferrigo demonstrated great aptitude and talent for strategy, tactics and various forms of combat. Mereel, once commented to his second-in-command Montross that young Prosstang showed the greatest promise among the trainees - including having certain abilities that few but Jedi were known to possess.Mereel took Prosstang under his wing with special interest.

In 58 BBY, the Mandalorian Civil War began in earnest with the Battle of Concord Dawn. The terrorist Death Watch attacked storage facilities and homes associated with True Mandalorians. With a handful of other young warriors, the ten year-old Ferrigo was tasked by Mereel with guarding the main outpost. Under heavy assault, the outpost was breached with explosives and his friends were soon killed by Death Watch commandos. Ferrigo escaped through a trap-door to a secret underground tunnel after killing two enemies. He received orders via comlink from Mereel to meet at the edge of the nearby small town with an extra set of small sized gear. When they were reunited, Mereel and company had an eight year-old farm boy with them - named Jango Fett. In a surprise retaliation attack, Fett exacted revenge for the death of his family, and Mereel's True Mandalorians routed their enemies who were prematurely celebrating victory.

Jango was adopted by Mereel as his own son and heir. Through the next few years, despite the jealous efforts of Montross to create dissention between them, Ferrigo would become close friends with Jango. Though they had a friendly rivalry to push each other to become their best, Prosstang accepted that his younger friend would someday succeed Mereel, just as he would someday succeed his own father as a leader of clan and industry.

The Warrior Gypsy (52 - 43 BBY)

Ferrigo fought in all of the major engagements as a mercenary alongside Jaster Mereel, and later Jango Fett, until he married Lorakada Neviik and had four children.  He spent more time learning about running Prosstang Industries and raising his family until an irresistible job came his way.  Before he could take that job, his wife and children were abducted. 

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Locations developed by Ferrigo ProsstangEdit

Clan Prosstang Estate near Keldabe, Mandalore
Prosstang Industries (Weapons) Factory on Dellalt
Kara'abesh'la Neralyc'geroya'aim (The Grain Hunting Lodges), Concord Dawn
Prosstang Industries Secured Distribution Facility on 17th Moon of Makem Liva
Prosstang Industries Citadel on Iceberg Three
Lohemian Vale of Treachery, Ryloth
Prosstang Industries Center for Racing and Sport on Iceberg 3
Mandalorian Outpost at Umbara