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Unknown, probably somewhere in the Mandalore sector


Between 65 and 57 BBY, sources vary

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1.94 metres


90 kg

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Dark blonde, later grey

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Rise of the Empire era


True Mandalorians

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Mandalorian Guild

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2 General

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Jos-Kal 'JK' Gixeph (Josevh Kal Gis'vh or possibly even Jaig Gis'vh in Mando'a) was a male Human Mandalorian mercenary and a member of the Mandalorian Guild around the time of the Clone Wars. He and the vast majority of Clan Gis'vh were aligned with the True Mandalorians for the entirety thereof.

Early LifeEdit

The following information is conjecture based on various sources.

Little is known about Gixeph's formative years. He was a Mandalorian warrior fighting alongside Mand'alor Jaster Mereel (and later his successor, Jango Fett) in many skirmishes against the Death Watch - against whom Clan Gisevh still bears a grudge - during the Mandalorian Civil War. Since there were few survivors of this conflict, and fewer still who knew Gixeph, the exact details cannot be verified.

The Battle of Galidraan and AftermathEdit


Fett and his troops face off against the Jedi on Galidraan

In around 44 BBY, a trap orchestrated by Death Watch Overlord Tor Vizsla on Galidraan pitted the True Mandalorians - now led by Jango Fett following Mereel's death at the hands of Vizsla - against a detachment of the Jedi Order, led by Jedi Master Dooku. All but a few of Fett's men were killed in the conflict, although Fett did manage to kill several Jedi with his bare hands before being captured himself. Although Fett was later enslaved and Gi'xeph was considered MIA by the end of the conflict, the two warriors would meet again on Kamino eight years later when Fett would summon 75 Mandalorians to help train Republic Commandos.

The Clone WarsEdit

Serving with the GAR (22 BBY - 21 BBY)Edit

Early CampaignsEdit

I wasn't trained by Sergeant Skirata or Sergeant Vau. My training Sergeant went by the name of Gixeph.
– RC-1306, a Commando who claims to have been trained by Gixeph.
So Palpatine was a Sith all along... That slimy Chakaar. I had more than ample opportunity to remove him when I served with the Senate Guard - why didn't I?
– Gixeph

In 22 BBY, the Clone Wars began with the Battle of Geonosis. Gi'xeph had joined the GAR prior to this, although it is unknown what capacity this was in - at least one Republic Commando has cited Gixeph as his training Sergeant, but Gi'xeph himself says he served in the Senate Guard. During the Clone Wars, the few existing armed forces underwent a merger with the newly-formed GAR and Gi'xeph fought alongside Clone Troopers in the Clone Wars. His considerable experience meant that he was granted responsibility early on, entering the Grand Army as a Major. Initially his role was that of Tactical Advisor to the Clone Commanders and Jedi Generals, but as the Clone Wars progressed Gi'xeph moved into the front lines of the conflicts. On Geonosis, Gi'xeph acted as a strategic liaison between the Clone Advisors assigned to the Republic Commando squads and the Special Operations Brigade HQ on Coruscant.

Sevrance Tann 2

Sev'rance Tann, Separatist Commander

Immediately after Geonosis, Gi'xeph was sent on a "wild Bantha chase" of sorts in pursuit of Separatist Commander Sev'rance Tann, Dooku's newest apprentice. His search took him across several planets, including Tatooine, Alaris Prime and Sarapin before Gi'xeph finally caught up with her on Krant, where she met her untimely demise. Tann was considered a promising officer in the Confederacy and Dooku was said to be deeply disappointed at the news of her death.


Special Operations BrigadeEdit

The Mandalorians aren't too dissimilar to Grievous' Kalee brethren. We're both warrior cultures... And both of us have been wronged by the Jedi. Under different circumstances, and if Dooku hadn't corrupted every fibre of Grievous' being, we could have been allies.
– Gixeph
ARC team

The Muunilinst 10 ready for action following a tactical briefing by Gixeph

 Gixeph's later deployments included Kamino, the home of the besieged Cloning Facility; Muunilinst; and Jabiim, which was to be his first encounter with the nefarious General Grievous. It is known that the two engaged in melee battle, but neither combatant was injured (or, in Grievous' case, damaged). After Kamino, Gi'xeph was issued experimental ARC Trooper armour and was one of the first to participate in a field test thereof. After Gi'xeph, among others, had proven the armour to be practical and effective, the enhanced armour was fully adopted by the ARCs. On Muunilinst, Gi'xeph, now a Colonel, served as a senior advisor to Captain Fordo's ARC Trooper squad, the Muunilinst 10.

Vs Grievous Iceberg III

Gixeph duels Grievous for the second time on Iceberg III

Gixeph's extensive combat experience and familiarity with Special Forces meant that he was well in favour for assignment to Commander Bacara's 21st Nova Corps - the Galactic Marines - who, by now, were largely stationed on Mygeeto. For this assignment, Gi'xeph was assigned a suit of their specialised armour, which he extensively modified. The conflict was long and gruelling, and continued long after Gixeph's reassignment to Commander Wollfe's 104th Battalion. Gixeph's talents were put to better use on Iceberg III with Commander Wolffe, who was having some difficulty with General Grievous. By then, Gi'xeph had been promoted to the rank of Major General in the GAR, and was one of the highest-ranking non-clone, non-Jedi officer of his time. Gixeph did battle once again with the droid leader and, while successful in defeating him this time, Grievous was unharmed and fled. 


Skirmish on CarlacEdit


Death Watch on Carlac

One and a half years after the Clone Wars began, Gi'xeph was sent to Carlac to provide strategic advice on the investigation of a crashed Separatist vessel. While there, he encountered resistance from some 'old friends' - the Death Watch. He disguised himself in their armour in order to infiltrate a camp; discretion was required, as they had threatened to kill civillians if the Republic were seen to get involved. Gi'xeph became quite fond of his newly-appropriated armour, and relished the opportunity to wear proper Beskar'gam again for the first time in many years. Gixeph's cover was soon blown and he found himself overwhelmed by his Death Watch adversaries. He had no way of contacting the Republic for help and his efforts, while commendable, were futile in facilitating his escape.

Meanwhile, a small band of Mandalorians had used Gixeph's capture as a diversion for their own plan. They had been hired by the Ming Po to free the captive villagers and, noting Death Watch involvement, relished the opportunity to enact revenge - and get paid for the luxury. The details of this mission are sporadic, but it is thought Gi'xeph managed to escape and helped the Mandalorians neutralise the camp. Gi'xeph had just seen a way out of the oppressive Republic - Clone Troopers weren't the only ones being forced to fight. He had served the Grand Army for the last time.

Return to the Mandalorians (21 BBY - 19 BBY)Edit

The Mandalorian Guild helped Gi'xeph feign his death - made easier by the ongoing war, which meant Gixeph's disappearance was not investigated by any Republic authority. This was pivotal to Gixeph's position in the Clone Wars. He fought with the Mandalorians, once again, as he'd done before Galidraan. He helped them to victory against such foes as the Death Watch, the Sith (and the occasional Jedi), and generally whoever they took a dislike to. Gi'xeph did not care for whom he was required to work, or even about his pay (which was considerable); Gi'xeph cared only that he was leading an honorable Mandalorian life in keeping with the Resol'nare.


Gixeph with the Guild on Maridun.

Despite the loss of the Mandalorian full-time army at Galidraan and that of Mand'alor Fett at Geonosis, things in general were relatively unchanged for the Mandalorians since most lived offworld. Mandalorians were, after all, nomadic. The New 'Mandalorians' who had thrived on Mandalore in recent centuries did not recognise the warrior culture or the leadership of Jango Fett. They were regarded by many True Mandalorians as being aruetyc - Non-Mandalorians; traitors to the Mandalorian heritage so valued by Gi'xeph and his fellow warriors. Gi'xeph would eventually see his dream of cultural restoration realised when the Death Watch invaded the New Mandalorian capital of Sundari. A handful of stubborn pacifists remained in the battered capital while many left to become warriors, reinstating Keldabe as the recognised capital city. Several joined the Death Watch, under the new leadership of Lorka Gedyc following the death of Vizsla at the hands of Darth Maul

The old feuds with the Death Watch were diluted by the recruiting of many former pacifists into the ranks of the True Mandalorians. The new recruits who made up the majority of warriors saw the Death Watch as mere terrorists, and cultural resurrectors; the original Mandalorians, including Gi'xeph, remembered the Death Watch's atrocious activities of decades prior.

The Mandalorian GuildEdit

Gixeph's service with the Mandalorian Guild began on Ryloth as a Trooper. Gi'xeph participated in a 'clear up' mission on Carlac intented to "give the Kyr'tsad a big kick up the shebse" and drive them away, and was promoted to Commander for his actions therein and for his general aptitude. Gi'xeph also saw action on Umbara, where he encountered a seemingly abandoned Sith Temple. Certain of the Guild were contracted by the Umbarans to eliminate a Trandoshan Pirate infestation and neutralise an escaped Rancor they had brought with them.


Mandalorian Guild preparing to hunt Death Watch on Carlac

Gi'xeph and the Guild found more-than-adequate amounts of mercenary work on Felucia during the latter half of the Clone Wars. The Guild maintained a semi-permanent outpost on Felucia, and worked for both sides in the Republic-Separatist conflict that it played host to. By this time, Gi'xeph had meticulously repainted his captured Death Watch armour in a camouflage pattern, both to purge its Death Watch connotations and to better conceal him while fighting on Felucia. Gi'xeph worked for the Separatists, protecting their ground forces by eliminating wildlife threats such as those posed by the heavy Rancor presence on the planet. During the course of his stay there, Gi'xeph is known to have escaped a Sarlacc pit, just as future Mandalore Boba Fett did 25 years later. By this time, Gi'xeph had been promoted to General in the Guild and began to take a more active role in its management, taking the role of Assistant Advisor and drawing upon the skills he had gained in the GAR as a Chief Tactical Advisor.

Returning HomeEdit

I respect Vizsla. He was a good fighter, but his visions were flawed. Ultimately, though, his actions brought back warrior culture to Mandalore and ended the reign of pathetic pacifism. And we True Mandalorians have more to gain from this than the Death Watch ever could...
– Gixeph

The battle unfolds on Sundari

As the Battle of Sundari was drawing to a close, Gi'xeph helped the Guild to restore warrior culture to Mandalore and tie up the few remaining Shadow Collective-shaped loose ends. At this time, the Mandalorians were rallying under Spar, soon to be known as Mandalore the Resurrector, who formed the Mandalorian Protectors in the image of Jaster Mereel's True Mandalorians. The new faction consisted of several battle-hardened Mandalorians including Fenn Shysa; around 200 ex-New Mandalorian Police officers; and a handful of reformed Death Watch soldiers. Gi'xeph joined the Mandalorian Protectors and gained quick promotion to Al'verde on the recommendation of his peers in the Mandalorian Guild.

The Mandalorian ProtectorsEdit


Spar's Mandalorian Protectors

When Spar's Mercenaries were approached with a contract from the Separatists to assault Kamino, Gi'xeph was chosen to co-ordinate the mission on merit of his extensive combat experience and familiarity with the Cloning Facilities. This invasion attempt was, however, unsuccessful as the Facility's defences proved impenetrable given the relatively size of the attack force. Ashamed of their defeat, the Separatists neglected to pay the contact and Spar outright refused to do any further business with them. The Mandalorian Protectors, still in its infancy, was disbanded after a crushing defeat on Norval II which Gi'xeph did not participate in, having left to start his own Mercenary group which took his Clan as its namesake. Unbeknown to him at the time, the Mandalorian Protectors would be reformed shortly thereafter by Fenn Shysa.

Fall of the Republic (19 BBY)Edit

The Waning Months of the Clone WarsEdit

The diversion was two-tiered. First, Grievous drew out the Republic's forces across the Outer-Rim. Then, he struck at their heart - Coruscant. While everyone was preoccupied with fending off the attack, he had more than enough time to abduct Palpatine. Now, Jedi, with your beloved Force - didn't see that one coming, did you?
– Gixeph
How they [The Republic] managed to repel the Separatist attack [on Coruscant] is beyond me. I didn't even realise they had that many Cruisers - where did they all come from? Something doesn't add up here. Even if they abandoned every conflict in the Outer-Rim, they'd never have made it back to the Core in time to stop Coruscant becoming molten slag...
– Gixeph

Droid forces invade the City of Coruscant

Gi'xeph was visiting an acquaintance on Coruscant in 19BBY when the planet was besieged by Separatist forces in what turned out to be a bold diversion to facilitate Grievous' kidnapping of the Supreme Chancellor. Caught in the midst of the ensuing battle, Gi'xeph had no option but to stay and fight. Soon enough, the Republic's poster boys Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi defeated the Chancellor's captor, Dooku, and forced the Droid General Grievous to flee. Kenobi later caught up with and permenantly defeated him on Utapau, effectively ending the Clone Wars, but  the state of the war-striken galaxy was far from improving... Not long into his stay, Gi'xeph became privy to the news of Darth Vader's assault on the Jedi Temple. Order 66, one of a whole list of contingency orders known to all Clone Troopers, was issued by the Chancellor himself. All Jedi were to be killed. Gi'xeph finally saw what had been planned all along: Jango's legacy was being completed despite his death, helped along its way by the machinations of the Supreme Chancellor.

The Great Jedi PurgeEdit

Clip image002bob

Smoke billows from the Jedi Temple as Vader's forces attack

Gi'xeph soon found action on Kashyyyk as a solo Mercenary. At the time of taking the contact, he was unaware of the newly-formed Empire's intentions of enslaving the native Wookiees and selling them on to the Trandoshans, whom the Republic had fought in the Clone Wars. Appalled, Gi'xeph sought a transfer by means of advertising his Jedi hunting skills to the Empire. The latter obliged, as Vader and his 501st Legion required all the help they could get in tracking down and killing the remaining Jedi - something Gi'xeph was all too happy to take part in, despite his earlier reservations about the Kashyyyk contract.

Rise of the EmpireEdit

Gi'xeph started to become comfortable under the new regime. The Empire paid well, and he was never out of work - work he thorougly enjoyed and excelled at. The Mandalorians who had walked before him and fallen at the hands of the Jedi, and those who had suffered as a result, would be proud of him. He was a hero of sorts, even if he'd never acknowledge the fact.

There was, however, a caveat to the new Galactic Empire. It was beginning to encroach on his home - the beloved Mandalore - and demanded to build a garrison to mine Beskar and keep the locals in line. Gi'xeph strongly objected to this - too many outsiders had trespassed on his home as of late. He was aware that Fenn Shysa had reformed the Mandalorian Protectors and there were talks of waging war against the Imperial Garrision. Gi'xeph, however, believed that a more subtle approach was required. He reasoned with Shysa, who had recently been installed as Mandalore, to allow him to gain intelligence on the Empire; intelligence that would, in time, put them in a better position on the Galactic stage.

Service with the Empire (17 BBY - 10 BBY)Edit


Queen Apailana flanked by her Jedi guard on Naboo

After Gi'xeph successfully aided an Imperial mission to Naboo to 'maintain order' by eliminating the dissident Queen Apailana and her Jedi supporters, he finally accepted their invitation to join the Empire on the full-time basis. Noting his skill, they had been persistently trying to employ him, believing he would be better to have on-side than risk the possibility of him becoming a threat to them. Following a strong recommendation from a respected colleague from previous service in the Republic, and having made some small alterations to his record on the Imperial databank, Gi'xeph was given a commission to officer status within the Empire.

Gixeph's first deployment with the Empire was on Dantooine. Following the skirmish, he felt unable to do his job with the inadequate armour he was issued, so petitioned to Command to let him devise his own armour. This consisted of some Beskar-supplemented standard issue plates with additional, custom parts. Eventually, he added a helmet - of Mandalorian design, noted for effectiveness - to the set; he was sure to highlight to superiors its strategic value.



Dellso's facility on Mustafar becomes an astroid belt

In preparation for the Battle of Mustafar, he painted the plates maroon, replacing the dull grey colour the plates had been issued in. Upon his arrival on the planet, Vader's fleet had already engaged Gizor Dellso's resurgant Droid forces and had created a gap in their planetary defences large enough to land troops. Gixeph was tasked with escorting a homing beacon to Dellso's facility. He was successful and the facility, along with Dellso himself, was obliterated by an orbital assault. Gi'xeph savoured the opportunity to kill Geonosions, to whom he had lost many comrades to on Geonosis.

Impressed with Gixeph's actions at this battle, the Empire soon saw fit to promote him to Commander. He would accrue a vast portfolio of successful missions with the Empire - and, unbeknownst to them, a vast portfolio of incriminating and strategically important information.

Return to KaminoEdit


Stormtroopers face off against rebel 'Anti-Troopers' on Tipoca City

One of Gixeph's last skirmishes with the Empire was the 'unofficial' assault on the Kaminoan Cloning Facilities, who had turned against the Empire and developed a small army of rebellious 'Anti-Troopers'. Gi'xeph repainted his armour pale blue for this battle. He was surprised that the Empire enlisted the help of Boba Fett, whom he didn't know personally but knew to be the son of Jango, to aid with the mission given his extensive knowledge of Kamino. Boba didn't comment on Commander Gixeph's Mandalorian-themed Imperial armour, and Gi'xeph didn't say a word to the Bounty Hunter, either. Instead, he maintained the persona of a non-Mandalorian, and feigned his loyalty to the Empire rather than announcing himself as Mandalorian by breaking cover to Fett.


Skirting dangerously close to having his true persona revealed when Imperial forces gained access to the Kaminoan mainframe and almost stumbled across some compromising data, Gi'xeph intervened and erased the data, making it look like the Kaminoans' doing. He knew he couldn't stay in the Empire much longer, so shortly thereafter he and a colleague and friend from the Republic's navy, Karoan, feigned their deaths in order to escape the Empire. The Empire mourned the loss of two highly respected officers, and Gi'xeph and Karoan took up refuge on Mandalore, now purged of its Imperial occupants by Fenn Shysa's Mandalorian Protectors and a few bits of confidential Imperial intelligence that had been leaked their way.

Clan Gis'vh (10 BBY -)Edit


Gixeph clad in his new armour

After leaving the Empire, Gi'xeph married Karoan, whom he had been involved with for many years, and adopted her into the Mandalorian culture. He fashioned a completely original set of armour - predominantly grey with Orange (signifying a lust for life in traditional Mandalorian custom) details and cape - and customised it with various items of weaponry and tools. He was ready to take a break from fighting, instead remaining at home to tend to his Clan and their farm. He maintained his mercenary outfit, having adopted some of its members into his clan, but didn't participate in any of their operations himself. Gi'xeph, decorated soldier and fierce warrior, was finally on a hiatus.

Return to UmbaraEdit

Sith Temple

Gixeph slays Sith with his newly-acquired weapon.

At some point, Gi'xeph became aware of the return of someone he very highly sought to confront. Although tracking was not his most practised skill, he pursued his mark to the Sith Temple on Umbara. There, he was ambushed by an army of Dark Acolytes and was forced to battle them bare-handed (or as close as possible for a Mandalorian wearing gauntlets); with a tenacity that had only been seen in Mandalore Jango Fett's unarmed slaughter of six Jedi over fifty years ago at the Battle of Galidraan, and with a skill for eluding force-users honed over decades of combat experience, Gi'xeph slayed what could easily have been twenty Dark Acolytes before claiming a fallen Acolyte's orange lightsaber as his own and executing a further thirty on its blade. Eventually he stood alone in the temple, the silence around him deafening. He had emerged victorious over the Sith but could not relish the fact; not while the individual he pursued had long gone. Devoid of other options, he holstered his new lightsaber and returned home.

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

"This is pretty nice for an aruetyc weapon..."
– Jos-Kal Gi'xeph on his new lightsaber

Gi'xeph was a skilled fighter, but was also very well-read for a Mandalorian owing to his time on Coruscant where he would often resort to researching various academic topics to pass time between missions. He (rather begrudgingly) fought alongside Jedi during the first half of the Clone Wars and developed some aptitude in lightsaber use, a weapon he came to favour. It is still unknown whether he is himself force-sensitive or just incredibly familiar with Jedi tactics from his experience with them; either way, he is more than capable of felling even the most skilled force-users in combat.

Gi'xeph was also a well-practiced battlefield Medic, who would prioritise the well being of his team. This stems from his time as a Major in the GAR where he was responsible for the health of his men to ensure they could complete the tasks required of them. Although a firm believer in team work, Gi'xeph has been used to working without the help of others and can stand alone against some of the most daunting opponents. 

Weapons and EquipmentEdit

ImageScale (1)

Gixeph's Shadow Tech Rifle


Among the weapons Gi'xeph has been known to use are:

  • Darksaber(s) - briefly
  • Purple Lightsaber - briefly
  • Orange Dark Acolyte Elite Healer lightsaber - This was recovered from a Dark Acolyte slain by Gi'xeph
  • Proximity Mines
  • Thermal Detonators
  • Gauntlet Bolt Caster (this gave the illusion of Gi'xeph being able to produce Sith lightning).
  • Wookiee Bowcaster
  • Republic Rocket Launcher 
  • Nightsister Bow
  • Rotary Cannon
  • Pair of WESTAR-34s (Boba Fett's Quarzite Blaster & Offhand Blaster)
  • Umbaran Shadow Tech Rifle

Gi'xeph was also known to pilot a Balutar-class Mandalorian speeder and a BARC speeder, the latter of which he occasionally entered in races. He also owned a Belbullab-22 Starfighter similar to that used by Grievous on Utapau.


Gi'xeph is known to have worn various sets of armour, each highly modified and specialised for specific roles:

Clan Leader armourEdit


This is the armour Gi'xeph wears to fulfil his duties as leader of Clan Gis'vh and as a General of the Guild. It features a smaller Jet pack (compared to his other armour) and a small cape hung from the right epaulette. The shoulder pads bear the Gis'vh clan insignia, and Gixeph's 'ceremonial' orange lightsaber usually hangs from his belt. The orange markings on the armour denote a 'lust for life', in the traditional Mandalorian ways of painting armour to reflect personal beliefs or pursuits.

Cold Assault armour


This is the Galactic Marine armour Gi'xeph wears when on the battlefield. In lieu of a Jet Pack, Gi'xeph usually wears a large survival and equipment pack. Gixeph's possession of it is presumably a result of his deployment with the Galactic Marines on Mygeeto. The suit is heavily insulated and offers excellent protection against energy weapons, as well as the elements and extremes of temperature. This armour is ideally suited to the likes of Carlac and Mustafar where temperature can hinder the ability to work. 

Commando armour 

This is Gixeph's second set of Battlefield armour, usually worn when working behind enemy lines or when the thermal properties of the Galactic Marine armour are unnecessary. It is outfitted with a shield and a survival pack, as well as copious amounts of ammunition - including two concussion tubes fitted to the back-pack. It is based on the Katarn mark II armour worn by Republic Commandos, with whom Gi'xeph has served in the past. This armour is suited to a range of environments, from urban areas like Coruscant to wilder places like Umbara or Felucia, and is ideal for when extra protection is required.

Camouflage armour


This is Gixeph's first set of Beskar'gam, which he 'borrowed' from a Death Watch soldier and later repainted in a jungle camouflage pattern to be better able to fight on planets such as Felucia. The helmet was also upgraded with an advanced viewplate and HUD. This set is equipped with a Merr-Sonn Z-6 Jetpack and fine-bore missile instead of a survival pack; Gi'xeph favoured manoeuvrability in combat zones such as Felucia and Ryloth where decisive victories and quick completion of missions were key. The Beskar plates ensured more than adequate protection against not only small arms fire, but melee weapons such as lightsabers. 

Recon armour

ARC Trooper

Gixeph's final set of armour is based on that of the Advanced Reconnaissance Commandos of the GAR. The armour itself is a highly upgraded version of standard trooper armour, with thicker and denser plastoid plating. Worn on the belt is a Kama to protect the legs from shrapnel, and various packs and holsters to contain the large assortment of Gixeph's 'tools of the trade'. Additionally, a survival pack is worn on the back in place of a Jet pack. The helmet has uprated communications antennae to send and receive large amounts of intelligence information over a secure link. The pauldron(s) worn on the shoulders denote Gixeph's high rank within the Military intelligence community (as well as the GAR, formerly). This set is used by Gixeph for reconnaissance missions.


One Clan, Many NamesEdit

While the name of the clan is "Gixeph" or "Gi'xeph" in basic, there have been many variations in Mando'a ranging from "Gis'vh" or "Gisevh" to simply "Gev", as is the case of Gixeph's descendent Nova Gev who fought in the Sith-Imperial war. Gixeph, however, isn't thought to be any relation to Mirta Gev or her family.