If a warrior needs bodyguards, he's not a warrior at all"

– Spectra Phantom
Spectra "Ghost" Phantom
Spectra aims
Biographical information



51 BBY, Makeb


35 ABY, Coruscant

  • Rebirth:100 ABY, Zeno
  • Disappearance:465 ABY, Mustafar
Physical description





1.75 meters


80 kilograms

Hair color


Eye color
  • Glowing Green (Zenolian DNA, before Force Walk)
  • Glowing purple (mixture of Force Walk and Zenolian DNA)
Skin color



Mechanical augmentation(35 ABY, Zeno)

  • Cybernetic Hands
  • Heart and pericardium implants
Blood type




Chronological and political information
  • Mandalorians
  • True Mandalorians
  • Mandalorian Guild
  • Galatic Republic
  • Galatic Empire
  • Zeno-Sith Imperial Order
Known masters
  • Rex Phantom (father)
  • Ren Ion
  • Darth Talon (Sith master)
  • Unknown Jedi master (inside a Holocron)
Known apprentices
  • Cody Starlight (aka Dark Justice)
  • Kai (adoptive brother)
  • Cassus Phantom (son)
Current Squad

The Mandalorian Guild

Squad Rank

3 Commander

Battle Class

Bc icon jediBc icon mercenaryBc icon trooperTechnician

Early LifeEdit


Makeb, Spectra's homeworld

Spectra Phantom or Spect'ika in Mando'a, was a force-sencitive Human/Zenolian Mandalorian warrior born on Hutt space, in the planet of Makeb , on Talaos city. He was the son of Rex Phantom and Risha Phantom, he also had an adopted brother named Kai. He was part of Clan Phantom, a clan of Mandalorian bounty hunters who were known to be never caught by the Jedi. Spectra was raised by his father and his mother. His father said he should be a bounty hunter but is mother said he should be more than a warrior, that he should be a doctor. One day Spectra saw his mother leaving, he was so sad, she left and never returned. After his mother left his father started training him to be the best bounty hunter ever, when he was ready they went to Makeb's Arena, a place where the Hutts on Makeb organized figths, he proved himself by killing a weak Jedi that was captured by his father, he did not use guns, he used his fists, his father gave him the lightsaber of the dead Jedi as a trophy. At age 18 he was ready for his final test, killing a Makrin Creeper with
350px-Makeb 02

The location of where Spectra practiced with is father

just all of his skills, it was a tought fight but Spectra defeated the beast. After that he was a True Mandalorian warrior. He worked alone for a very long time until his adoptive brother, Kai asked him to join the Mandalorian Guild, Spectra accepted and he became part of the Mando Ver'verd'tsad (in Mando'a).
  • The symbol of Clan Phantom
  • Rex Phantom(my father) and Risha Phantom(my mother)
  • Kai, Spectra's adoptive brother
  • Spectra Phantom (14)
  • Spectra Phantom (15)
  • Spectra Phantom (16)
  • Spectra Phantom (17)
  • Spectra Phantom (18)

Some conversations he and his father had:Edit

Rex Phantom:You will soon be Dralshy'a (stronger) my Ad (son).

Spectra Phantom:Yes my Buir (father).                                 

Rex Phantom:Good,take the Kad'au (lightsaber) of this Jetii (Jedi),you are Ge'verd (almost a warrior).

Discovering his Zenolian powers and the Truth (40 BBY)Edit

Spectra Phantom was a Human/Zenolian, he didn't know he was half Zenolian until some bullies found him and they started to push Spectra,he got mad and he "Force Choked" the bullies, they died. His Father, Rex, found Spectra with two bodies, Rex knew it was time to tell the truth:

Spectra:Father am I force sensitive?

Rex:Son,you are half Zenolian.

Spectra:Whats a Zenolian?

Rex:Zenolians are the main species of Zeno. They are humanoid-like aliens. They have a variety of coloured skins which range from black to pure white. Pupils in a Zenolian's eye slightly glow. Their mouths are full of sharp teeth and a semi-reptilian tongue.

Spectra:But I look Human.

Rex:Your half Zenolian,so your eyes only glow,your skin is pale.

Spectra:So I'm different?

Rex:Yes you are my son.

Spectra:But what about my force powers?

Rex:Zenolians have a strong connection to the Force but I will not let you became a Sith or a Jedi.

Spectra:How am I a Zenolian?

Rex:One of your Ancestors husband was from Zeno,the homeworld of the Zenolians.

Spectra:So we are all Zenolians?


After this Spectra decide to hide is Zenolian Powers from others and he continued his training to became a Mandalorian Warrior.


First Bounty (29 BBY-22 BBY)Edit


Mission to Umbara (21 BBY)Edit

On the dark planet of Umbara,the Republic forces were attacking the Separatist's, a clone named [[Zan Infrastun|Zan
180px-Umbara planet

Umbara, the dark planet

Infrastun]],friend of the Mndalorian warrior Spectra Phantom,who was part of the Mandalorian Guild, told him about the Republic paying any one to help with the

Umbaran soldiers attack Spectra, Zan and Wax outside the secret base

battle. Spectra got his Mandalorian Commando armor,so that the clones don't think he was Death Watch,he spoke to Captain Rex about him wanting to help,he led two clones,his friend Zan and one clone nicknamed Wax,they were both wearing grey armor.Zan was a "Grand Officer" while Wax was a normal clone trooper.He begin his attack against a secret base,the mission was to kill an Umbaran General.They got in the base,it was well protected but nothing

Spectra leading Wax and Zan into the secret base

could stop the warrior from getting his credits.They came out as heroes,the three warriors were rewarded,Spectra got a medal and his credits,Zan also got a medal and Wax got a  promotion and a medal,he is now Seargent Wax.

Saving Carlac (21 BBY)Edit

After his mission on Umbara, Spectra joined the Galactic Republic and was promoted to the rank of Special Agent, a rare position in the Army. While he was on the Base of the Republic Army, General Plo Koon was briefing Spectra about a very special mission on Carlac:
180px-Spectra arrives at Carlac

Spectra arrives at Carlac

Plo Koon:We need you on Carlac.

Spectra:Yes General Plo!

Spectra took the Phantom Fury to the icy planet of Carlac, when he landed he contacted General Plo:

Spectra:General Plo I have landed on Carlac.

Plo Koon:Good, meet Commander Wolffe on the Outpost!

Spectra took his speeder, Rusts, to the Republic Outpost where he found Wolffe who was briefing Generals and Clones:

Wolffe:Sir, our outpost here on Carlac has been established. Would you like a situation report?

Spectra:Of course Wolffe.


Spectra accepts the job

Wolffe:The crashed Separatist Frigate that led us here shouldn't be difficult to miss once you get close. There's a squad of troops standing by for some assistance there as well, we also spotted a Magnaguard patrolling so be careful.

Spectra:Thanks, please continue.

Wolffe:Further beyond that we've had some scattered reports of a native village being occupied by what potentially could be Death Watch mercenaries, your friends in the Mandalorian Guild are helping us fight them.

Spectra:That's why Master Plo called me!

Wolffe:Yes sir.


Wolffe:Additionally, we've discovered several Death Watch camps in the area. My troops are already spread thin, so any assistance you can provide clearing these out would be welcome.

Spectra:It will be a pleasure.

Wolffe:That's everything we've been able to discover so far. I'd advise caution when exploring. The Mandalorian Death Watch group is not known for their hospitality, and who knows what other dangers could be out there.

Spectra:Noted, tell me what I have to do?

Wolffe:Your mission is to hunt and eliminate these targets.

Wolffe gave Spectra a list of eight Death Watch Lieutenants and Sergeant:

Wolffe:Your first target is Sergeant Kellov.

Spectra:Where can I find him?

Wolffe:He is in a destroyed village, I advise caution when approaching, he is armed with a flamethrower and is surrounded by soldiers.

Spectra:Copy that.

Wolffe:Good luck!

Spectra set course to the destroyed village, while he was observing the village, he saw many Death Watch soldiers. Spectra had to fight his way to Kellov:

DW Soldier:It's the Republic, get'em!

Spectra finally got to the center of the village, Kellov ran to Spectra and started attacking Spectra:

Seargent Kellov:You'll regret tangling with Death Watch!

Spectra:I don't think so!

Spectra dodged the flames coming from Kellov's flamethrower, he activated his jetpack and was able to get to a tree:

Kellov:I'm too heavy to fly!

Spectra fights against Sergeant Kellov, his first target



Spectra encounters IG-113, his extra target

Spectra used his sniper to shoot Kellov in chest, Kellov fell and died. Spectra came off the tree and looted Kellov's body, he found Death Watch tags, the Republic needed those tags so he contacted Wolffe:

Spectra:Wolffe, Sergeant Kellov has been eliminated and I have the tags you need.

Wolffe:Good job, once your mission is complete you will return to base.

  • Spectra fights Kherr Dawar
  • Spectra fights against Mord Jayran and Kro Lann


'''''Journey to Tatooine (21 BBY)'''''Edit

Spec and Kyle

Spectra meets Kyle, a moisture farmer

After the Battle of Umbara and the Skirmish on Carlac, Spectra embarced on a mission to Tatooine to find


Jabba,the Hutt.Spectra got lost in the desert for 2 days with a few water but it wasn't enough,later on a farmer found him lying on the sand almost dead,he took him to his humble home in the desert.Spectra woke up,not knowing where he was,he went outside and saw the farmer and said:

Spectra: Who are you?

Farmer: I'm Kyle, I'm a farmer here and I found you lying on the sand.

Spectra: Well,thank you.Do you know the best way to Jabba's Palace?

Farmer: No,but why do you want to go there?

Spectra: I'm in a mission,farewell.

Farmer: Wait,you will need a speeder,take mine.

Spectra: Don't you need one?

Farmer: No, I got another one,goodbye and good luck.

Spectra: Thank you,farewell.

Spectra said goodbye to the farmer,little did he know that the farmer was actually a Death Watch Assassin,the same one that killed his mother on Coruscant.He was called Octon,the Killer,he was the most

Octon's last minutes

dangerous assassin in Pre Vizsla's group.Octon followed Spectra to Jabba's Palace,where he was waiting for Spectra so that he could kill him,but he failed,Spectra was behind him and shoot Octon's head killing him.Spectra knew he was after him so he ambushed him with a fake mission,just to drag Octon from the shadows.Spectra returned to his apartment on Coruscant and said:

Spectra:Mother,your soul can rest in peace,knowing that justice has been done.


''Mandalorian Rampage (20 BBY)''Edit


The City of Sundari

On a calm evening in Spectra's Apartment,he received a call from Blade,he was confused,why did Blade sent a
180px-Super Commando

The Super Commando that found Spectra

call for help since he told Spectra he wasn't going to call him.He had to go there and find out what was going on.Spectra landed on Mandalore,outside there was a Death Watch trooper in red armor,with a grey WESTAR-35 Rifle on his hand:

Red DW:You there.


Red DW:You got authorization to land?

Spectra:Let me see,come to my ship.

The soldier was getting tired of waiting:

Red DW:Have you found it?

Spectra told Aktik,his companion,to ambush the soldier:

Aktik:Prepare to be stunned.

Red DW:What the...

With the soldier down,Spectra told his little Jawa friend to guard the ship,he went outside and he was surprised by Bo-Katan and the Night Owls:

Spectra:Well,hello hot stuff.
Bo nad Spec

Spectra meets Bo Katan

Bo-Katan jumped behind Spectra and she put a gun in his head:

Bo-Katan:Don't push it,kid.

Spectra:Sorry,now tell me who are you?

Bo-Katan:I'm Bo-Katan,leader of the Night Owls and former Lieutenant of Pre Vizla.

Spectra:What do you mean former?

Bo-Katan explained to Spectra about what has happened.

Spectra:My friend,Blade,sent me a call and I don't know where he is,got any ideas?

Bo-Katan:Yes,he was helping us save my sister,Satine,when he was captured by the commandos.

Spectra and Bo-Katan formed a team, Boba Bactapack  also there:

Spectra:Boba what are you doing here,you should be resting?

Boba:I'm here because my uncle,Vorten,was captured and you?

Spectra:My friend Blade was captured,guess were working together.

Bo-Katan:Good thing you two know each other,let's move.

They went to the Sundari Prison where they found Obi-Wan Kenobi about to be taken to his cell.They saved him:

Bo Katan, Spectra and the Nigth Owls save Obi-Wan Kenobi

Obi-Wan:Wait,I know you from the Battle of Umbara,right?

Spectra:Yeah,now let's go save Vorten and Blade.

They got inside the prison:

Spectra:I'll go find Blade,you come with me.

Night Owl Member:Yes sir!

Bo-Katan:Boba,me and the others will find Vorten.

Spectra:Good Luck.

Spectra found Blade,the talked but Blade wanted revenge:

Spectra rescues Blade

Blade:I must have my revenge,do you got your lightsaber?

Spectra:As always,Blade.

Spectra told Bo that he found Blade but that he wanted revenge:

Bo-Katan:You crazy,they are monsters,you will both die.

Spectra:Don't worry, I'll return.

Spectra saw on the ground of Blade's cell,a Vibrosword,he gave it to blade to fight Maul and Savage.They reached Satine's old throne room,where the two Sith brothers were standing:

Maul:What do we have here,a Mandalorian with a Vibrosword,are you my nightmare?

Blade:No,he is.

Spectra came off the roof with no helmet and his lightsaber.

Spec duel on Sundari

Spectra and Blade versus Maul and Savage

Spectra:Wrong,i'm Spectra Phantom, Mandalorian warrior and I'm your killer.

Maul and Savage laugh at him and they make there move.Spectra use all of his tricks to beat Maul but it was like Maul knew every move he had:

Maul:Vizla perished and so shall you.

Savage was fighting Blade but then the Zabrak cut off his hands and pushed him away to the door:



Spectra was out numbered and had no choice but to leave,he and Blade barely escaped:

Maul:Let them go, I'm starting to sense something dark coming.

Blade and Spectra returned to Coruscant,where Blade go new hands:

Spectra:How you doing?

Blade:I'll live but I need to star to adapt to these new hands.

Spectra:Rest, I must report my "adventure" to Aloquar,vode an!

Blade:Vode an! 

Spectra returned to the Guild's HQ to report his adventure on Mandalore:

Aloquar:Good,now go rest back on Coruscant.

After he got back to his apartment,Spectra got a message from Bo-Katan saying:My scouts told me what happened on the throne room,that was a brave act, I love you so goodbye and good luck. Spectra heard the message and he felt better than ever.

Battle of Felucia (20 BBY)Edit

A Republic Commando named RC-1138 (Boss) contacted Spectra because of his heroics on Carlac and Umbara for some special missions on Felucia that would help the Galactic Republic in the Clone Wars. Spectra decided to help them since he loved credits and he loved working with the Republic, so he got on his new ship, the Smacker, given by Beviin Kabur for his skills in the battlefield also because the Phantom Fury was destroyed in a space battle. When Spectra reached he landed on a remote location, close to the outpost, he grabed his speeder and advanced to the outpost where Boss warned Spectra about the Separatists analysing their past failures on battlefields and upgrading their battledroid programs and also the dangers of this strange world. Spectra's first mission was to colect sarlaac slime, he jumped on his speeder and drove to the location of the pit, his target was at least six samples, he jumped down and started collecting the samples. The Sarlaac looked to be asleep, so Spectra had to be carefull not to awake the Sarlaac. Spectra was about to collect the last sample when the Sarlaac woke up, Spectra collected the last sample and started jumping from tentacle to tentacle, he was running out of options so he activated his jet pack and escaped the Sarlaac alive:

Spectra:Well, that was tough!

Spectra set a camp close to the pit, he rested there for a night, in the morning Spectra was ready to return to the outpost but he remembered the rancors so he decided to go on an hunting trip, he went through the jungle until he reached the rancor field, he saw so many rancors, he wanted something big. Spectra looked for a mature rancor but all he found were young rancors, until next to a strange cave there was a mature rancor, from his left pocket he took out a thermal detonator and throwed it at the rancor, rancor exploded and fell, he then took one of the rancors tooth as a trophy, he guarded the tooth in his speeders bag:

Spectra:Time to return to the outpost.

Spectra returned to the outpost, where Bossn waited for him:

Boss:Great job sir!

Spectra:Thanks Boss.

Boss:Talk to Captain Carg over there to collect your reward.

Spectra went to see Garg:

Captain Carg:Here's your payment.

Spectra:Thank you.

He then came back to Boss for his next mission:

Boss:Alright sir, your next mission is to defeat the pirate leader, Yorn Nuro, are you up for it?

Spectra:Bring him on, give me the coordinates.

Boss:Here you go, if you can, take out some pirates and rescue the Felucians.

Spectra saluted and hoped on Rusts and followed the coordinates through the felucian swamps and jungle, a few minutes later he reached the Nysillin Farm, he stoped and got off his speeder and picked up a pair of macrobinoculars from one of his speeder's bag:

Spectra:Alot of pirates but no sign of Yorn Nuro.

Spectra entered the farm with his flamethrower and started to burn the pirates. After killing some pirates, Yorn Nuro finaly came out of the shadows:

Spectra:In the name of the Republic, surrender or be executed!

Yorn Nuro:Make me Republic dog!

Spectra and Yorn attacked each other, Yorn was an excelent sharpshooter, Spectra barely dodged Yorn's flury of bolts coming from his sniper rifle, he remembered he made some chages to his gear, he created a special deflector shield that protected his whole body, he activated the shield and attacked Yorn. The pirate was catched by the fire and died. Spectra collected from his body the intel Yorn stole from the outpost, after he collected the datapad he heard a noise coming from a near by hut, he walked in and saw a door that led to the basement, he opened the door and discovered the Felucian farmers:

Felucian:Thank you for saving us brave adventurer.

Spectra:My plesure, I sugest you go to the Republic outpost, here are the coordinates.

Felucian:Thank you, in return we give you these nysilim seeds, they are an healing herb.

Spectra:Stay safe.

Spectra said goodbye to the farmers and returned to the outpost for his next missions.


'''''Cleanning up the Seperatists'''''Edit

Spectra heard from Commander Jet, that he needed help, Spectra voluntered and went to see Jet, he told him one of the republics cruiser fell to the Seperatists. Spectra knew he was the only one who could help. Spectra flew in
Tank and Spec

Spectra fights the Super Tank

his ship to the coordinates of the cruiser, when he got there he saw alot of droids, he decide to use aimed shot since he wanted to be stealthy. Spectra got to the cargo hold and saw a Super Tank, this was a good challenge for Phantom. He yelled at the tank and it started shooting, he was able to evade the tanks missiles, he used aimed to shoot the tank, but it's armor was too tough, he ended the battle by throwing a thermal detonator at the tank. He took the cruiser under control and returned to Coruscant as a hero.

''Acolytes on Dathomir ''Edit

Spectra rested for one day after his mission with the Super Tank, after his day off, Spectra was called by Master

Wiffa Zett prepares to attack Spectra

Yoda for a very important task. Yoda told Spectra that the Republic found where Dooku's Acolytes train:Dathomir. Spectra said goodbye to Yoda and travelled to Dathomir. When he landed he sensed the Dark Side close, he reached the training grounds and saw an Acolyte:

Wiffa Zett:I am Wiffa Zett, older sister of Ana Zett!


The Dark Acolyted started to attack Spectra, he defended himself with his lightsaber, the acolyte was strong but Spectra easily beat her, he was able to stun the poor girl. He brought her back to the temple, Yoda and the Jedi Council plus Ana Zett, they were very happy. Wiffa was sent to a secret Jedi chamber where she would return to the light side.