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Nicknames of Mandalorian Guild

All nicknames will be submitted freely.

- Exeption: Alverde Beviin must have nickname go through him first.

Everyone in Guild, Please submit your requested nicknames to Alverde

- If not submitted, your name will be either given to you by previous knowledge or no name at all.

Unsubmitted names

- All names that i give to you if not submitted can be changed if asked to do so.

Offline submitting

- If I am not on at the time you wish to submit a nickname, please add your request to this pages comments.


- If the nickname you have requested is filtered, I strongly encourage you to change it.

Chosen nicknames

- If you choose your own nickname I strongley recommend that you use a name that the majority of the Guild calls you, if you dont like what they call you, I will try my best to call you by the name you have chosen.


  • Aloquar Ordo (Former) - Alor, Alo, Boss, Sir
  • Beviin Kabur - Bev, Boss, Nix, Nixon