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  • Rise of the Empire Era
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  • New Republic Era
  • Mandalorians
    • Clan Ordo
    • True Mandalorians
    • Mandalorian Rising
    • True Mandalorians
    • Mandalorian Protectors
    • Hornet Squadron (Hornet 1)
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Aloquar Ordo,

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Mandalorian Guild

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2 Major General. (CWA) Ver'verd (Post-CWA)

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Mandalorian rising (orininal)

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Bc icon mercenary

"Born on Ordo, shipped to Coruscant, immigrated to Corellia and found myself on Hutta. Thats life for 'ye"
– Thorun to Aloquar Ordo

Thorun Ordo of the clan Ordo , is a Mandalorian mercenary, bounty hunter, long-time veteran of the Mandalorian Guild


Early LifeEdit

Akash: "What is it?

Thorun: "I think's armor"

Akash: "Why is it here?"

Thorun: "Somethings not right.."

Thorun Ordo was born on the planet Ordo, as the son of Ther'tik Ordo- a True Mandalorian whom served under Jaster Mereel. Ther'tik was absent most of Thorun's (and his brother: Akash's) life, due to his father taking part in the Mandalorian civil war. However, in 45BBY when Akash and Thorun were age 7, they discovered their fathers Beskar'gam in their houses storage room after chasing their Strill 'Bones' in there. Akash began to question whether their father was alive or had died at war- when their mother 'Shae Ordo' walked in on them inspecting the armor. She sat them down and told them that their father had indeed died two years prior- in grief and rage, Akash began to ask why she lied, Thorun merely sat in silence and ignored what was happening between his mother and brother- when suddenly Akash lifted his arm, and their mother flew back against the wall. Thorun got up and tackled Akash, the two than ran over to help their mother- it was then confirmed that Akash was force-sensitive. Their mother was not overly injured, however over time she grew worse, and worse. Eventually in 46BBY she died, leaving Thorun and Akash orphined- Not long after, it was discovered that the two were orphaned and that Akash was force-sensitive by the Jedi order, The Jedi took the brothers to Coruscant, where Akash would train and aspire to be a Jedi- as Thorun was found a home on Corellia where he would be cared.

Thorun: "I'm Thorun..from Ordo"

Narassk: "Oh a Mandalorian? niccce to meet you.. i am Narassk"

Gaat: "I've never met a Mandalorian, is it true you eat everything you hunt? i'm Gaat by the way"

Rhenna: "Gaat, don't be rude. I'm Rhenna, nice to meet you"

As Thorun boarded a transport to Corellia, accompanied by other refugee's and immigrants- he said his final goodbye to his brother, and that she shouldnt be afraid. The transport took off and headed to Corellia where Thorun would find his new family and home, Thorun began to chat around with some of the other children his age, a Trandoshan a Gand and a Togruta specifically. when suddenly around half way there, the ship began to stop moving, when a large shadow covered the transport. Thorun looked up and saw an enormous vessel that had the transport in a tractor beam, suddenly- men armed with blasters began to board the ship and started shooting the security- eventually, the men were holding Thorun and the other refugee's at gunpoint. One of the men, seemingly the commanding officer, asked all the children under the age of 13 to step away from the crowd, Thorun and around twelve other kids were moved away from the group as the men began shooting all the other passengers. The twelve were put upon the larger vessel as it fired off to lightspeed, soon after the ship exited light-speed and began making its way to a brown looking planet, it was Nal Hutta- Thorun and the others were then taken to a palace, where they were lined up infront of a rather large group of people, and a Hutt. The Hutt split the group, four were to be his, and the others were to be sold as slaves. Thorun, Narassk, Gaat and Rhenna would then work as personal Bounty Hunters and assassins for the Hutt for most of their lives.

The SilhouettesEdit

Hutt: "I own you boy! i saved you from impending death!"

Thorun: "And now you've brought death upon yourself"

Almost twenty years later, in 22BBY- Thorun now a highly skilled Bounty Hunter for the Hutts- he is tasked with eliminating a swindler, who was avoiding to pay the Hutts. He and Narassk landed upon Corellia where the swindler was hiding, they made their way to the safehouse of th swindler, where they found the door already busted open. Narassk and Thorun entered the building, aiming- looking up and down- when suddenly, Thorun noticed a Silhouette infront of him, he fired, the silhouette dodged to the side and grabbed Thoruns blaster, then hit him across the head with it, suddenly another silhouette thrusted forward punching Narassk in the face- Thorun then tackled the first Silhouette and began punching him repeatedly in the face, when the other turned toward him and fired from his gauntlet a grappling wire- Thorun was wrapped in it, as Narassk was out cold. The first silhouette got up and turned the lights on, they were wearing Beskar'gam, one purple and yellow, and the other silver and crimson red. The man in purple approached Thorun and kneeled down; "Who are you?" he asked, Thorun remained silent as the man turned around looking back at the man in silver and red, then back at Thorun "Who are you?!" Thorun spoke, "I don't know, Bounty Hunter filth?", the man in purple smirked under his helmet then said: "Atin'la 'jag huh?" ('Tough guy, huh'?), Thorun then replied "Ni kar'taylir ner Mando'a, im nayc a di'kut" (I know my Mando'a, im not an Idiot'), the man in purple took off his helmet and asked "You're not who are you, bounty hunter?", Thorun then replied under his helmet "Im Thorun, Thorun of clan Ordo", the man turned to the man in red and silver, as the man in red and silver said "Think he knows Aloquar?" ,  the man in purple replied "Maybe..we'll see." the man in purple then cut Thorun's bindings and said "I am Ferrigo of clan Prosstang, this is Ky'ramkad of Vhett, we're with the Mando Ver'verd Tsad", Thorun got up and stretched a bit, "Nice to meet you, Vode..with all do respect, i would like to know where my bounty had gone" Ferrigo and Ky looked at eachother and replied "You were our seems you were set up, it seems we were set up" Thorun looked down a bit and asked "Why would that Hutt do this?" Ky answered "Well, our bounty was to take down a mercenary who was incompentant with some of the Hutts bounties" Thorun nodded and replied "Mine was to take out a swindler, owed this particular Hutt credits" Ferrigo laughed "Oh, Talla? ha! we payed that slug almost two months ago..the Guild needed a few fighters, we payed for all of them and finished paying it off a few months back", Thorun replied "I don't understand, i've worked for that slimo for over twenty years, and this is how he repays me?.." Ky responded "Hutts are gamblers and slavers, nothing more, nothing less. They have no honour for their actions- fact is, he probably replaced you with someone, or something..probably a droid." Thorun shook his head and said in anger "I'm gonna put a blaster bolt straight through that kriffers head!" Ferrigo put his arm on Thorun "In time, right now we need to get your friend some medical attention, Ky gave him a bit of a hit- and more importantly some new gear, that stuff is old as heck" Thorun chuckled "Yeah..its been roughed up over the years, but it was my fathers during the Mandalorian civil war, he served under Jaster Mereel" Ferrigo replied, as they made their way out of the building to their ship, with Narassk over Ky's shoulder, "Jaster? well. Our group is practically a remnant of Jasters forces- considering our Leader: Aloquar, also served under him..if you sincerely can join us, we could always use more help- especially if you're Mando'ade." Thorun knodded, boarding his ship, Ky dropped Narassk on one of the beds. "So, Ferrigo, Ky- shouldn't you get to your ship?" Ky shook his head "Nah, we came on a transport from Carlac" Thorun knodded and replied "Well, in any case- Welcome to the Leviathan', my modified YT-1760" Ferrigo looked around and said "I thought the 1760 model was realeased with no weapons and no combat shields, and its hull was horrible?" Thorun sat down in the cockpit and replied "Yeah, it was released that way. Trust me, the Hutts may be slug scum, but their workers know how to modify. Plus, its sentimental" Ferrigo asked "Oh yeah, how so?" Thorun then looked back and said "I killed six Gamorreans for it" Ferrigo turned and replied "Wait wha-" suddenly, Thorun yelled "Woohoo!" and thrusted a lever forward as the ship went to light speed.

 Carlac BaseEdit

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